Video Interviewing Research: IT sector

This spotlight’s findings derive from an analysis of over 300 interview campaigns involving almost 6,000 candidates completing video interviews for 53 Sonru clients within the IT sector between January 2019 and December 2019.

The findings from over 580 surveys, made available to all candidates completing automated video interviews for clients within the IT sector between August 2018 and April 2020, are also presented.

Completion Rate

The Average Completion Rate of interview campaigns within the IT sector is 77%

The Candidate Experience

  • 98% found the software easy to use
  • 94% satisfaction with the candidate experience
  • 94% would complete a video interview again

Video Interview Completion Specifics

  • 23% completed their video interview on a mobile device
  • 88% finished their video interview at home
  • 56% conducted their video interview in their native language

Other Key Findings from the IT sector

  • 28% of respondents had completed an automated video interview in the past
  • 95% had positive feelings toward the hiring company when they received the invitation to complete the interview
  • 68% thought the video interview allowed them to demonstrate their skills and experience.
  • 94% felt sufficiently informed about what was required
  • 82% said their opinion of the hiring company had improved as a result of the video interview
  • 92% believe it is fairer to have more than one person assess the video interview

Candidate Feedback: IT sector

“I think as an IT solution company, it aligns its recruitment process with technology transformation.”

“I greatly respect companies that use technology to simplify processes.”

“I think it shows that they are early adopters of new technologies and systems and are open and flexible to change.”

“The hiring company proved there’s a different, more modern, and technologically advanced way of interviewing candidates, and it proved to be a unique and fun experience for me.”

“I think a video interview is an effective way to make an initial assessment of a candidate.”

“This is a major step that will shape future generations to use more technology. It saves time and money on travel and also makes job interviews easier (range of devices) and more accessible.”

Respondent Demographics: IT sector

  • 64% of respondents were under 35 years of age
  • 71% Male and 29% Female

This research spotlight was first published in the Sonru Video Interviewing library, which published contributions and research from Sonru clients and candidates between 2010 and 2020.