Coming Soon Near You: An Invite to Video Interview

If you’re in the job search process now or even just thinking about it, you may have heard about the growing use of video for interviews. The Talent Board North American Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards and Research program report provides striking data on this trend. 75% of companies surveyed indicate they leverage video interviewing, and the remaining 25% plan to invest in this transformative technology. So, expect an invite to video interview soon!

Video Interviewing Is Used for Wide Range of Job Types

According to the CandE data, companies are using video interviewing across a wide range of job types. Whether you’re pursuing a management role, an hourly position or even an internship, chances are good that you’ll be asked to video interview. The reason is simple: Video interviewing has proven to offer a great experience for candidates, one that is often far superior to what you may have encountered in past job searches. If the company you are pursuing uses video interviewing that’s purpose-built for hiring, you can expect a faster, more convenient process that also helps you get a closer look at the company culture and work environment.

Interview Prep: JobJenny Breaks It Down for You

As a candidate-oriented company ourselves at Modern Hire we’re always on the lookout for ways to help those who are job hunting have a better, more successful experience. An article I recently read on does a great job of cutting through all of the interview prep advice out there to help candidates zero in on what’s most important. JobJenny boils it down to the three critical questions candidates must do well on to get the job offer. In her experience, the person that looks the best on paper isn’t always the one hired. Her questions can help individuals present themselves as the strongest candidate for the job. it’s a quick read and may give you some game-changing insights as you interview.

What You Need to Know for a Great Video Interview

Preparing for a video interview isn’t much different than preparing for a traditional one. Plan to dress as you would for an on-site interview, and use JobJenny’s advice as you go over your skills and experience and prep for questions.

Handling the video technology part is also easy, especially if your potential employer uses software like Modern Hire’s solution that’s designed for hiring. In fact, 97% of candidates surveyed said Modern Hire is easy to use.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you should know:

  • Camera angle – Make sure you have a professional look by placing your camera at about eye level, with the angle pointing slightly down. If you capture just your head and shoulders in the frame, the distance between you and the camera should be right.
  • Background and lighting – Whether you plan to use a web cam with your computer, your smart phone or tablet, locate a quick place without distractions in the background. Position yourself so the source of light comes from behind the camera so it illuminates your face.
  • Internet speed – Test your device for connectivity and speed. If you can play a YouTube video without interruption, you should be fine for the video interview.
  • Check the interview format – A live video interview will be face-to-face, so come into the video early and take a few minutes to test the technology. With an on-demand interview, you will be recording your answers to questions presented in the technology. Many, but not all companies allow candidates to re-record until they are satisfied with their answers. 79% of the time, recruiters who use Modern Hire on-demand video interviews allow re-recording. Before you start the interview, check to see if re-record is an option.

Finally, as with any interview, organization and preparation will give you the confidence to put your best foot forward with a potential new employer.