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FAQ: Advances in Interviewing with Modern Hire

FAQ: Advances in Interviewing with Modern Hire 

Virtual interviewing technology and AI-powered automated interview science are amping up the power of structured interviews for better candidate selection and faster hiring outcomes. Modern Hire answers your questions about exciting advances in interviewing in this FAQ. 

How are advanced science and technology improving interviewing? 

We know interviewing is a process. Modern Hire improves the process with science that increases objectivity and fairness and technology that increases consistency and speed. With the Modern Hire platform, recruiters spend more time in the most critical part of the process – the human connection, and candidates get a better opportunity to show the hiring team what they can do. The result is scalable interviewing that is more effective for organizations and candidates. 

How is this different from an interview conducted over Skype or a conferencing platform? 

Modern Hire is interviewing technology fit for purpose. That means recruiters can tailor the interview to the job across enterprise hiring needs to be more effective, so hiring experiences feel personal for candidates. Skype and conferencing tools enable a virtual face-to-face conversation – that’s it.   

  • Modern Hire transforms interviewing with rigorously validated, AI-based digital tools that enhance hiring workflows and experiences from start to finish:  
  • Building the interview – Modern Hire’s Automated Interview Creator suggests interview questions that science has shown will lead to the best outcomes. Recruiters can quickly and easily select from these recommendations to build the ideal interview for the role.  
  • Scheduling candidates – Recruiters use a single email or text to invite hundreds or thousands of candidates to choose their interview date and time with Automated Scheduling. HCA, one of the nation’s largest healthcare service providers, found that its candidates prefer to schedule their interviews via Automated Scheduling. This modern digital tool puts candidates in control and eliminates phone tag for recruiters, saving them significant time every day. Read the HCA case study.  
  • Conducting digital interviews – Modern Hire allows recruiters to select live video, phone, or in-person interviews using candidate-specific questions that correlate to information candidates have provided earlier in the process. Recruiters can also opt for automated, on-demand text and pre-recorded phone and video interviews which candidates complete at a time that works for them. For every type of interview, recruiters benefit from science-based question recommendations and efficient scheduling.   
  • Interview scoring – Modern Hire’s Automated Interview Scoring uses science-backed AI to analyze on-demand interview responses. Recruiters receive recommended ranked scores based on job-relevant data and core competencies, allowing them to focus the hiring team’s selection decisions on data. Because Automated Interview Scoring is scalable, recruiters can give more candidates the chance to answer in their own words rather than with multiple-choice questions, efficiently creating personal hiring experiences for candidates and reaching further into the candidate pool.   

 Do Modern Hire interviews reduce bias? 

Yes, they reduce bias in several ways. Interviews using the Modern Hire platform are consistent for all candidates. In addition, when recruiters use Automated Interview Creator, they know they are asking predictive questions that get to the heart of competencies and behaviors critical to success in that job. Using the right questions helps recruiters get the right data to reliably advance best-fit candidates. Finally, Automated Interview Scoring is a revolutionary assistive AI technology proven to reduce bias by 70%. 

How are Modern Hire interviews better for recruiters? 

Modern Hire integrates the deepest and broadest talent intelligence available for hiring with AI-powered digital tools and automation, making hiring more efficient, effective, ethical, and engaging for enterprise organizations. Recruiters increase their efficiency by 30% and cut time-to-hire by days, if not weeks. They expertly identify best-fit candidates, leading to business outcomes such as improved new-hire productivity and retention. And they engage candidates with personal, objective, fair, and fast hiring experiences. Read more about Modern Hire’s 4Es hiring experience. 

What can candidates expect from a Modern Hire interview? 

A personal experience that is objective, insightful and fair. Modern Hire gives recruiters multiple options for integrating company-specific content, so candidates get a deeper view into a potential employer. Candidates can participate in every type of Modern Hire interview on their preferred device.  They consistently rate their Modern Hire experience favorably. Across all Modern Hire customers: 

  • 95% of candidates affirm Modern Hire is easy to use and a good experience 
  • 97% report they’ve gained valuable insight and formed a favorable impression of the employer 

 Candidates can also expect a seamless experience as they advance through hiring stages that include on-demand and live interviews. 

To see how Modern Hire interviewing could transform your hiring performance, request your personal demonstration today.