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How interview technology helps RBC identify its future leaders

Modern Hire
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Each year, Royal Bank of Canada launches a candidate search for their 30-month CPA Pre-Approved Program. These candidates aren’t just CPAs, they are seen as future leaders of the organization. You can’t identify future leaders by simply checking off a list of qualifications. It takes careful consideration to identify those who demonstrate the communication, leadership, and presentation skills needed for success.

But today’s university graduates aren’t going to wait through a drawn-out process with too many interviews, while the hiring team gathers each piece of information they need. They expect a high-tech, high-touch process that offers convenience, fairness, and the ability to share their skills. For RBC, that meant bringing Modern Hire on board.

During this webinar, Lauren and Griffith share:

  • The importance of this role to RBC and its leadership
  • How the candidate pool and its expectations have changed
  • The role of interview technology in the candidate and recruiter experience