Create a Better Interview Experience

Hi, I’m a 2019 candidate interested in that position you just posted. Since the interview experience is so important to both of us in making a smart decision, I’d like to share my perspective with you. My insights on the questions you should be asking could help make your interview experience the best it can be.

Insight #1: Please drop some of those outdated questions off your interview guide. No matter which industry you’re in, the way work happens and employees interact has changed. It’s time to update your question set. A few that should be easy to omit: If you were animal, which one would you be? and, how badly do you want this job? Asking questions that are irrelevant or not suited to today’s candidate-driven market take up our time together and make it seem like you’re not so forward-thinking.

Insight #2: Please allow me to present myself. I’m in agreement with the 130,000 candidates who participated in the latest Talent Board candidate experience research – opportunities to shine are one of the biggest drivers of a positive interview experience. Short, open-ended questions provide the flexibility we need to tell you our story and have a meaningful discussion with you. Some of the questions I think are most valuable:

  • Why are you interested in this position?
  • Why are you considering a career move now?
  • How will your skills and abilities help you in this position?
  • How do you prefer to collaborate at work?
  • In what areas would you like to grow?

Insight #3: Let’s take care of basic requirements up front. For some positions you may have basic requirements around salary, hours and availability, or the need for a specific certification or license. Let’s handle these questions in a quick and simple text interview. That lets you know right away if I’m qualified to move forward, and you can let me know right away if I should look for positions elsewhere.

Insight #4: Please share my responses forward with the next interviewer. As pleased as I am to move along in your hiring process, the feeling is diminished if you’re asking me the same questions in subsequent interviews. Sure, I understand different interviewers want to hear from me directly, but if you have an interviewing platform, you could be using it to capture on-demand responses and live interviews and sharing that data forward. Besides being a better interview experience for me, I have to think it creates more time for you to learn about me rather than always covering the same ground.

Insight #5: Don’t forget this critical question: What questions can I answer for you? Every candidate these days is waiting for it because we’re evaluating you as a potential employer. Please budget plenty of interview time for us to talk about this and equip your interviewers with answers to the questions frequently asked by candidates. Better yet, allow us to talk briefly with our potential colleagues and company leadership in addition to the hiring manager for some additional information and perspective.

I appreciate your attention to your candidate experience and all the times employers and recruiters like you have given me the chance to show you who I am and what I can do for you. On a mission to improve your interview experience? Find out more about the candidate’s perspective in this Modern Hire resource, 5 Things Your Job Candidates Won’t Tell You.