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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

Interview Intelligence is tackling industrial and logistics hiring challenges

Industry 4.0 is changing what’s possible with manufacturing agility and productivity, but the shortage of qualified workers is diminishing smart manufacturing’s potential. According to the National Association of Manufacturers, addressing the industrial workforce crisis is a top concern for manufacturers nationwide.

One long-term solution is to get students engaged in modern manufacturing careers through collaboration with universities and technical colleges. However, manufacturers also need a solution today for filling entry-level roles.  Giving candidates an honest look at the job opportunity is an effective way to increase the quality and retention of your industrial and logistics hires.

Change Your Image with Candidates

Five years ago, only 50% of Americans thought manufacturing jobs were interesting, and less than 30% said they would encourage their children to pursue a manufacturing career. Though the industry’s image is improving, poor perceptions about industrial/logistics roles can still be a barrier to entry-level hiring.

Modern Hire is helping manufacturers overcome image issues by giving their candidates realistic, in-depth insight into open roles with proprietary Virtual Job Tryouts®, pre-hire assessments that help candidates experience what the job is really like and whether it’s a fit for them.  What’s more, VJTs are designed and proven to help predict candidate fit fast and minimize turnover. Industrial and Logistics VJTs can be incorporated into seamless, pre-configured hiring workflows for clients looking to minimize time to hire.

Learn more about Modern Hire’s new virtual job assessment for commercial drivers.

Other components like the Realistic Job Preview, and plentiful opportunities to brand the candidate experience, help candidates for roles such as machine operator, maintenance technician and warehouse associate understand even more about the role and you as an employer.

Streamline Industrial and Logistics Hiring

The Industrial and Logistics VJTs can be incorporated into seamless, ready-to-implement hiring workflows for clients looking to hire talent quickly and at scale.  These workflows (sample shown here) incorporate Modern Hire’s intelligent interview experience and enable industrial and logistics companies to leverage Modern Hire’s advanced selection science and ethical AI to identify the right questions to ask and measure competencies critical to success – whether candidates have experience in the role or not. That’s vital when you’re assessing applicants who are new to the workforce, or existing employees interested in your company’s reskilling or internal mobility opportunities.

Hiring Blueprints are both templated and configurable, drawing on three or more job-specific building blocks within the Modern Hire platform, including:

These components connect seamlessly to create engaging hiring experiences for your candidates.

Improve Retention of Industrial and Logistics Talent

In addition to fast implementation of hiring for industrial and logistics roles, VJTs can offer another advantage: reduction of turnover. Modern Hire assessments and workflows are grounded in CognitIOn by Modern Hire™, the deepest and broadest talent intelligence that underlies any existing HR technology.  What this means is better prediction of candidate fit and/or candidate turnover, and ultimately, reduction of new-hire turnover for industrial and logistics roles. Your new hires stay with you longer, and you reduce the costs and disruption of employee churn.

New technologies, automation and advanced science are pushing the boundaries for both smart manufacturing and talent acquisition. Modern Hire’s intelligent hiring platform and industrial and logistics hiring workflows are up to the challenge.

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