How To Be More Intentional: 5 Tips for Better-Fit Hiring

   |    2 minutes read

Modern Hire

The reality of sourcing today? You can’t wait for the right candidates to come to you. In the current talent shortage, candidates have all the power and you have to be intentional in your better-fit hiring in order to grab their attention. Though TA teams are often inundated by a high volume of applicants, the best-fit talent may not be easily recognized, or even in that pool at all.

For TA leaders to overcome the realities of modern better-fit hiring, it’s essential to be more intentional. Here are five ways you can become more strategic in your better-fit hiring quest for the best candidates:

  1. Keep Candidates Warm. From first contact forward, TA teams need to stay constantly engaged with candidates, or risk losing them to other offers. Many of today’s most innovative HR technologies can assist, including Modern Hire’s engagement and interviewing platform. Strive for brief, simple interactions that help candidates understand where they are in the process and what to expect from you next.
  2. Check Alignment with Hiring Managers. TA and hiring managers share the responsibility for identifying the right talent. Still, recruiters can bring efficiency to the talent acquisition process by dialoging with hiring managers about clearly defined roles and expectations. Get to the heart of what hiring managers need in a candidate who can successfully join their team.
  3. Widen Your Talent Pool. Leverage social media, LinkedIn and referral programs to reach beyond candidates who’ve already come to you. Every recruiter knows that having a great pipeline of candidates can save you a lot of time. Have a group of talented individuals that you can regularly communicate new job openings to as well as request referrals from.
  4. Coach Your Hiring Managers. Work with hiring managers to equip them with the right interview questions, especially ones that allow candidates to present themselves to the best of their ability. Research has shown that the opportunity to showcase skills and experience is one of the most important elements in a positive candidate experience. Modern Hire on-demand video interviewing enables candidates to shine, allowing them to put their best foot forward.
  5. Be Strategic about Bad Hires. A bad hire can happen despite your efforts to be more strategic. Take the opportunity to learn from exit interview comments. Look for ways the job description could be refined for future better-fit hiring.