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Latest Updates

In early May, we successfully implemented improvements to our test environment and are currently preparing to roll out these updates to our three production environments (.au, .eu, and .com).

One of the most visible aspects of these improvements will be the updating of our platform URLs from “*.montagetalent.com” to “*.modernhire.com” We are working to ensure that the change is seamless with old URLs redirecting users to the new experience.

For many clients, no action is required. However, if you have previously whitelisted our IP address, the montagetalent.com domain, our email IP address, or email domain name, it is imperative that you make updates on your end in alignment with our schedule.

Click here to review the updated URLs, sending domains, and current schedule.

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Answers to Common Questions

Last update: April 28, 2021

Q: Will the sender email addresses change on email communications? Currently, this is usually noreply@email.montagetalent.com.

A: At the time of migration, we will support the current address, but we recommend clients add the appropriate email(s) below to their accepted sender list.


Q: Will the changes happen throughout the applications or by server?

A: The updates will be deployed by environment. UAT (sandbox) will be updated first, with .au, .eu, and .com following in that order. We will communicate prior to any changes being made in any of these environments.


Q: For those clients planning Zoom integrations, is there anything we need to plan for?

A: There will be no impact on the Zoom integration.


Q: What is the impact for clients using Single Sign-On (SSO)?

A: The URLs will need to be updated from "montagetalent" to "modernhire."


Q: Will the URL redirects be permanent or will they expire at some point?

A: This is a permanent 301 redirect. However, at some point in the future, we will want to stop maintaining "montagetalent" URLs so we do ask our clients to update to "modernhire."


Q: What effect will these updates have on the Outlook/O365 Calendar Sync?

A: There will be no impact on the Outlook/O365 Calendar Sync at this time.