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You want to hire top talent before someone else does.

Being able to identify and connect with high-potential candidates is essential to achieving your quality of hire goals. Do you know how to determine what skills and experience are most important for success at your organization?

With Modern Hire’s Professional Hiring Blueprints, you’ll always get the perfect balance of science and technology to help you find your best, most engaged, and diverse workforce.

Professional Hiring Blueprints

Powered by CognitIOn by Modern HireProfessional Hiring Blueprints are recommended workflows built around scientifically validated, job-specific assessment and interview content to engage and screen, assess and interview, and evaluate and hire your top talent faster 

These hiring plans are based on evidence from decades of creating hiring tools across a variety of roles and industries. 

Hiring Blueprints offer a combined assessment and interview experience that measures the competencies we have identified as predictive osuccess in professional roles, including: 

  • Professional (with Business Case)
  • Professional (with Troubleshooting)
  • Financial Professional
  • Clerical
  • Field Service Technician
  • Individual Contributor (with Problem Solving)
  • Individual Contributor
  • Manager


Each role has a recommended workflow comprising some combination of three or more of the following stages:

  • On-demand text or phone screen
  • On-demand realistic job preview
  • On-demand job-specific Virtual Job Tryout™ assessment
  • On-demand video interview
  • Live phone interview
  • Live face-to-face interview

Modern Hire’s Professional Hiring Blueprints are recommended workflows but can be configured to meet your unique needs.

Learn more about our Hiring Blueprint building blocks.


Example: Leadership Professional

Leadership Professional Hiring Blueprint


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The Leadership Professional Hiring Blueprint is a four-step process:

  • On-demand realistic job preview and Virtual Job Tryout
  • On-demand video interview
  • Candidate self-scheduled live phone interview
  • Candidate self-scheduled live face-to-face interview


Leadership Professional Virtual Job Tryout Assessment

The Virtual Job Tryout is a pre-employment assessment that provides candidates with a realistic preview of the job and gives them a chance to show off their job-relevant skills and experience. It delivers a multimethod, multimedia evaluation experience with exercises that measure competencies related to on-the-job success for Leadership roles, including:

  • Drives for Results
  • Leads Others
  • Communicates Effectively
  • Adapts to Change
  • Manages Priorities


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