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Streamline your logistics recruitment and target best-fit candidates. Reduce early turnover and retain the best-qualified associates.

Your ideal logistics hiring process combines speed, efficiency and predictability to solve key logistics and warehouse hiring challenges: handling high-volume reqs in short time frames, and reducing turnover. Modern Hire’s all-in-one warehouse hiring platform enables you to meet short deadlines with the qualified candidates more likely to stay on the job. The most effective driver recruiting techniques are now at your fingertips when using Modern Hire’s logistics staffing tools.

“We needed the technology to be easy to use and customizable as we have 600 different unique situations. What we found with Modern Hire is that we were able to do that customization."

Manager of TA and Planning, Global Logistics Company

Enterprise Hiring Platform

Modern Hire’s all-in-one warehouse hiring platform combines the technology to quickly engage thousands in a personal hiring experience and the science to predict candidates’ on-the-job success. Our Virtual Job Tryouts deliver a multimedia, multimethod evaluation experience that reports on essential drivers of performance for logistics and warehouse roles. Companies that have turned to Modern Hire’s logistics recruiting tools can attest to the following benefits:

  • Boost new-hire performance
  • Increase recruiter efficiency
  • Reduce new-hire turnover

Modern Hire Logistics Hiring Platform

Modern Hire transforms logistics staffing and warehouse hiring with best-in-class interviewing technology, industry-leading assessments, and predictive analytics in a purpose-built platform that improves hiring experience and outcomes. Whether you need to fine-tune driver recruiting techniques or streamline the entire logistics recruiting process, Modern Hire has companies covered with the following:

  • Text interviewing
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Live and on-demand video and phone interviews
  • Virtual Job Tryouts
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