Hospitality Hiring Solutions

High- Volume Hiring

Engage candidates across the entire range of hospitality positions and manage high-volume hiring

You can reach, assess and win those hospitality candidates faster with Modern Hire. Our all-in-one platform combines pre-hire assessments, predictive analytics, AI and automated workflows to deliver hospitality staffing solutions.

Enterprise Hiring Platform

Accelerate your hiring with pre-defined hiring workflows designed to get you focused on the best candidates quickly. Modern Hire’s Hospitality Hiring Blueprint to quickly engage, interview, assess and hire the best candidates more likely to deliver on your service promise. Use Modern Hire’s Virtual Job Tryouts to discover hotel staffing solutions for your company and give candidates realistic job previews. They learn about the job while you learn about them through relevant, meaningful, scorable responses that enable you to identify candidates more likely to deliver on your service promise. Modern Hire makes recruitment in the hospitality industry more effective because the platform:

  • Boost new-hire performance
  • Increase recruiter efficiency
  • Reduce new-hire turnover

Modern Hire Hospitality Staffing Platform

The hospitality staffing solutions delivered by the Modern Hire platform transforms hospitality hiring with best-in-class interviewing technology, industry-leading assessments, and predictive analytics. Provide a hospitality recruitment experience that is simple, convenient, and tailored to candidates’ interests to improve hiring performance. Companies using Modern Hire’s hotel staffing solutions can offer candidates:

  • Text interviewing
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Live and on-demand video and phone interviews
  • Virtual Job Tryouts
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