Case Studies

Hudson RPO

Feb 24, 2019


Hudson RPO delivers innovative, customized recruitment outsourcing and talent solutions to organizations worldwide, working with clients to develop creative, flexible, and cost-effective talent solutions.

Hudson RPO were selected to assist a Government client in Australia with a significant business transformation project, which involved high volumes and a combination of internal and external applicants.


Unique Project and Challenges Faced

Managing significant volumes, tight timeframes, multiple level process and the introduction of new technologies not previously used by the client, i.e., Modern Hire and electronic reference checking, were some of the challenges faced. There was initial reluctance and apprehension toward a change of process and implementing a new tool, as well as questions around data security, video quality and reliability which required the Hudson RPO team to influence stakeholders on the benefits and security of the Modern Hire tool.


Overcoming Challenges

Modern Hire provided technical details, which were shared with an IT representative from the client organization, ensuring that all concerns around data security, video quality, and reliability were addressed. Hudson RPO worked with stakeholders to overcome their initial reluctance by involving all leadership team members in the creation of the question bank per job type, ensuring fairness and consistency. The team demonstrated Modern Hire to the stakeholders and explained how the process worked to support a streamlined process. The client then ran an internal pilot before going live to confirm fit for purpose and to put in place procedures required to address any potential remote/accessibility issue that may have arisen. Modern Hire is accessible for candidates with disabilities, but a contingency plan was put in place to give candidates that were visually or hearing impaired the option of undergoing a panel interview.


Stakeholder Feedback

Stakeholder feedback has been very positive, with the team finding Modern Hire easy to use, accessible, and time-saving.

Internal applicants were given prior opportunity to become familiar with the tool, and the general feedback from these candidates following their interview was that the process is much easier than initially anticipated.

Feedback from Candidates

The following is derived from the responses of those candidates who volunteered to complete a survey made available to all candidates interviewing for Hudson RPO’s client. There was a higher than average percentage of completion from the workplace instead of home, which is typically much higher. 81% of respondents were aged between 45-64 (with some candidates holding roles for over ten years) despite the initially perceived technical challenges/difficulties for this demographic.

“This was my first-time experience with online interviews. I think this was a unique opportunity. “

“Convenient and helpful.”

“Easy to use, and it was comfortable to be in an area of my choice.”