Why HR Buyers (and Magazines) Choose Modern Hire

Modern Hire is proud to be featured this month in two major HR industry publications. We’ve been included in SHRM’s online tool for selecting a video interviewing vendor. It’s a useful tool for comparing different features across video interviewing providers. In addition, the digital version of Human Resource Executive includes a mention of Modern Hire’s live voice interviewing as part of our video interviewing software. This application not only streamlines the scheduling process, it transforms how recruiters engage candidates before, during and after phone interviews. Live and on-demand voice interviewing enables TA teams to extend reach into the talent pool while reducing costs. The editors at these publications chose Modern Hire for good reasons – some of the same reasons, I’m sure, why so many HR buyers choose Modern Hire as their video interviewing partner, too.

HR Buyers Tell Us What They Want

At a recent conference I had the opportunity to gain insight into the HR professional’s perspective. Hearing from educated buyers about what they look for in a video interviewing partner and how they define good relationships was invaluable. If you’re exploring bringing video interviews into your hiring process, or if you want to be sure you’re getting the most from your vendor, this list will be of interest to you. Here’s what they had to say:

  • We want that sense of partnership to begin right away, to reinforce we made the right choice.
  • We want support services and a single point of contact.
  • We want a regular cadence of communication.
  • We want an open feedback loop: If we’re asking for something that is just crazy or impossible, then teach us a better way to achieve our goal. And, we don’t want you to say you can do something when you can’t.
  • We want to use what we bought. Teach us how to make the most of our investment.
  • We want ongoing training. Push us on change management. We know we can be slow sometimes.
  • We want to steal from “like” clients and their stories and experiences. Share those with us so we can become better.
  • We want SLAs to know that we’re taken care of.
We’re on a Journey with Our Clients

Here was the last item on the HR buyers’ list: “We are with you to solve a problem so by all means, help us do that!” This coincides nicely with our perspective: At Modern Hire, we’re on a journey with our clients to a common, desired destination. We’re working hard to extend value at every turn:

  • We offer the most mature video interviewing solution available, so our clients know they can depend on our proven leadership, our enterprise-strength technology, and outstanding support.
  • We focus on helping our clients provide a superior candidate experience because we know it sends a critical message to candidates;
  • We continue to develop our technology in anticipation of clients’ needs and the evolving expectations of candidates;
  • We partner with our clients at every step. We help them make their business case for the technology; we train with their unique use cases in mind; we help with change management to drive engagement, so the technology doesn’t sit on the shelf; and we are always looking for ways we can help each client to get the maximum value from video interviewing.

At Modern Hire, we’re grateful to be able to serve outstanding HR teams across the country and the globe. If you’re ready to see video interviewing technology in action, request a demo today. You’ll quickly see why so many professionals choose Modern Hire to transform their hiring process.