Thumbs Up or Down: How Would Candidates Rate Your Careers Page?

You may be putting a lot of effort into your social presence these days to engage candidates, but don’t neglect the tried and true. According to the latest TalentBoard research with more than 180,000 job seekers, 58% of candidates ranked Company Careers Page as the most valuable channel in researching career opportunities. Facebook and Twitter were much farther down on that list. And, in that same study, nearly three-quarters of candidates said they became aware of a recent job opportunity by doing their own research. When you take these trends together, it becomes clear that company careers pages are not dinosaurs, but in fact just the opposite. They’re a key part of the candidate experience and a key starting point for candidate engagement.

Need a refresh on your careers page? Here are some best practices to keep in mind.
  • Start Strong

Help candidates start off on the right foot by making the link to your careers page easy to find on your homepage, so candidates can get there quickly.

  • Keep It Real

Job seekers visit your careers page in order to understand your culture and employment experience. To make sure they don’t go away disappointed, look for ways to give them an authentic look into your organization. Rich media can help you tell your story and provide the answers they’re looking for. Don’t underestimate the power of stories about your employees as a way to share that real insight as well.

  • Brand Jobs Pages, Too

You’ve made a strong impression with your careers landing page; now, keep it going by branding your jobs pages, too. They should support your employer brand both visually and from a content standpoint. Make them as strong as possible by writing them with the job seeker’s perspective in mind.

  • Make it Easy to Find

Research the strongest SEO keywords for your company’s TA work, then incorporate them into your content so it’s easy for job seekers to find your page in search results.

  • Make it Mobile

According to Glassdoor research, 45% of job seekers search for jobs daily on their mobile device. For hourly job seekers, that percentage goes up to 82%, according to Snagajob. A mobile-friendly career page is more important than ever. If your career page isn’t mobile-first, you may be creating a disappointing candidate experience, and losing out on the talent you need.

  • Convert to a Simple, Quick Application Process

When it comes to converting careers page visitors to job applicants, having a quick, simple application process is vital. A long process, or one that involves entering the same information more than once, will frustrate job seekers and drive up the drop out rate.

For Candidates, it’s a Journey

Your company careers page is one element in your overall candidate experience, but it can be make-or-break in terms of early candidate engagement. What job seekers find when they arrive will help them decide if your organization is a real possibility for them. To get the most value from it, make your careers page an intriguing and pleasant experience on their job hunting journey.