How Will You Reach Retail Candidates Faster This Holiday Season?

July 13, 2018    |    2 minutes read

Modern Hire

With more than 7,000 store closings in 2017 alone, hiring for this holiday season promises to be a whole new ball game. Retailers are already recruiting for seasonal talent. Those integrating online and in-store purchasing are looking for expanded skills in their customer service hiring. If your hiring process is status quo, competitors may be quicker to reach and hire the talent you need. What’s your plan to reach retail candidates faster in this upcoming retail hiring season?

How to Increase Speed and Engagement to Reach Retail Candidates Faster

Boost speed and candidate engagement at every step of the hiring process with interviewing software. A purpose-built platform will have several applications to help:

Drive applicants
  • Reach retail candidates faster by enabling candidates to immediately start an on-demand interview with links in your social posts.
  • Offer on-the-spot on-demand video interviews during hiring fairs and events.
Quickly pre-qualify large and small talent pools
  • Engage candidates instantly with on-demand text interviews. Did you know 98% of text messages are opened right away? Within minutes, candidates can answer a few simple qualifying questions on their phone, and get a response letting them know if they will move on in your process. Your talent pool is immediately narrowed to candidates who meet basic qualifications.
Get to candidates more quickly, before they drop off
  • If you’ve successfully increased your applicant flow, your process may be straining to keep up with the higher volume. That critical period between application submission and recruiter contact may be lengthening. Shorten the time to candidate engagement with a mass invite by email or text to complete an on-demand video or voice interview.
Replace phone screens with on-demand interviews
  • On-demand interviews get you the candidate data you need in a fraction of the time. And, they’re recorded and captured in the video interviewing platform, so they’re easy to forward to your hiring managers, and access again for hiring at a later date.
Automate interview scheduling
  • Why spend time coordinating everyone’s calendar when an interviewing scheduling solution can do it for you quickly and efficiently, with a pleasing experience for all involved? These applications also feature automated reminders you can use to make sure scheduled interviews happen, and keep hiring managers timely in providing their feedback.
Recruit More of the Retail Pool
  • Technologies like on-demand text, voice and video interviews can help you drive more applicants and engage them with speed and efficiency, so you can reach deeper and wider into this year’s retail talent pool.
Make Job Offers Faster
  • Every step you streamline with interviewing technology will increase your opportunities to make the first job offer to retail candidates. Your fast, simple and convenient candidate experience will get them to “Yes!”

It takes purpose and commitment to overcome the emerging challenges in retail hiring this year. The right technology is essential, too. Contact us today if you’d like to explore your organization’s retail hiring potential with a purpose-built interviewing platform.