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How to Show Your Appreciation to Your Recruiters This Thanksgiving 

Recruiting is a demanding job – long hours, huge workloads, and the occasional cranky hiring manager. It’s been a crazy couple of years. The labor market is tight, with more job postings than job seekers. If your recruiters go above and beyond to get the job done, why not use this Thanksgiving holiday to show how much you value their dedication? Here are more than a dozen ideas, some small and some larger (we tried to include a wide range of price points, many are free!), to help them feel appreciated.

Thank Them Personally

As a leader, your personal recognition carries a lot of weight. A handwritten note that details your respect for their personal contribution is a thoughtful thank-you at any time of year. Here are some other ideas to show your appreciation:


  • Stop by their workspace with their favorite coffee drink or snack, or if they work remotely send them a gift card!
  • Give them the gift of time with a longer lunch or break, the option to leave early, or an afternoon off.
  • Designate a ‘team trophy’ that can be passed on daily or weekly for stellar performance. Make the object you choose something meaningful to your team.
  • Upgrade their work environment with new chairs, better lighting or new technology.
  • Give the go-ahead for an individual passion project – something your recruiter(s) are truly excited about doing.
Company-Wide Recognition? Bring It On

Your team’s impact goes beyond department goals. Give others in the organization a chance to praise your employees and reinforce the positive results of their hard work:


  • Ask one of the company’s leadership team to stop by with his or her personal thanks.
  • Praise your recruiters on a social or enterprise network and make it shareable.
  • Ask hiring managers to post a specific compliment and even a brief story about recruiters whose extra effort made a difference.
  • Add a message to your organization’s technology wall in the lobby recognizing your recruiters by name.
  • Send an enterprise-wide email detailing their achievements.
Help Them Accelerate Their Career

Many recruiters are interested in building their skills and raising their profile within their professional community. Professional development may already be part of your organization’s game plan, but you can demonstrate your appreciation and respect for your recruiters by extending those efforts a bit further:


  • Approve time off for speaking opportunities.
  • Make the budget available for training and professional development.
  • Send them to a conference of their choosing.
  • Find recruiters a mentor within your organization.
Give Them Tools to Make Their Jobs Easier

HCM and recruiting technology has advanced tremendously in the past 5 – 10 years. Remove much of the manual daily work of your recruiters by adopting research-based, validated hiring technology which speeds the hiring process, hires the best talent and improves retention.

Screen applicants faster with technology that invites candidates via email or SMS to engage in a brief text interview with custom screening questions that can identify the best candidates and help predict turnover risk.

Automated phone screening enables candidates to record their answers to your custom questions when it’s convenient for them. Then automatically advance candidates who meet your qualifications to the next stage.

A job simulation tool that measures job-relevant competencies that are proven to be crucial to new hire success in the role. This allows candidates to get a feel for the job and gives relevant information to the recruiter on whether to proceed with the applicant.

An automated interview creator enables recruiters to pick from questions based on competencies and behaviors critical to success in that job.

On demand video interviews for screening candidates with automated scheduling so applicants can interview at their convenience.

Live video, phone or in-person interviews. Candidate-specific questions are correlated to information provided at earlier stages. Live video interviews integrate with third-party applications like Zoom and can accommodate virtual teams and panels.

Automated interview scoring analyzes interview responses and recommends ranked scores based on job-relevant data and core competencies, mitigating hiring bias by evaluating only candidate answers. No facial recognition or other invasive, non-predictive methods.

Whichever way you choose to give thanks to your recruiters, be sure it is meaningful to the individuals on your team. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does need to show you gave it thought and attention. As we all know, when that feeling of being appreciated at work is genuine, it is priceless.