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How to Prepare for the Post-Pandemic Job Market

As the reopening of the economy happens in fits and starts across the country, recruiters are shifting their focus from force reduction to hiring. While we’re all eager to get back to normal operations, there has to be a new normal in talent acquisition, one that takes into account the realities of the post-pandemic job market. Here’s a rundown of what’s changed and how you can prepare for hiring success in this new environment.

Reality #1: There’s a flood of candidates in the job market. In the U.S., we’ve transitioned from the challenge of finding enough candidates to the challenge of finding the best-fit candidates from a sea of applicants that’s swelled to more than 33,000 million people. Many of the hiring workflows that were working so well just four months ago don’t align well with this new reality.

How you can prepare: You can prepare with a technology-enabled workflow that significantly reduces the number of candidates you interview so that you can get to your shortlist of top candidates quickly. With an enterprise hiring platform like Modern Hire, you can build in steps like pre-screening text interviews at the top of the funnel, and proven, validated pre-hire assessments which enable you to prioritize candidates and devote more of your time to those who are best-fit. If you need a strategic plan, explore our Hiring Blueprints. They are ideally suited for automated workflows and high-volume hiring. They’re flexible to having more or less touch by recruiters depending on what’s right for the position or job family.

Reality #2: Virtual is becoming part of the plan for business continuity. One of the perhaps unexpected outcomes of the quarantine is how productive organizations have become with a virtual workforce. Many teams are in no hurry to get back into the office. With this outcome plus the uncertainty about the second wave of the pandemic, many organizations are building dual capabilities for working in-person and 100% remotely.

How you can prepare: Make plans to deploy an all-in-one hiring platform like Modern Hire. Our platform creates the flexibility to transition between hiring 100% remotely and partially in-person easily, so you can respond to sudden changes in hiring needs and the business environment. We’ve integrated pre-hire assessments and predictive analytics with virtual candidate interactions at every step of the way. You gain the tools to create a personal hiring experience for candidates as you move them from engagement and assessment to the interview(s) and job offer.

Reality #3: Candidates still expect a personal hiring experience. Candidates may not be in the same power position as they were pre-COVID, but they still expect a modern, personal hiring experience. That’s a challenge for recruiters with the flooded candidate market. Yet, job fit has become more critical than ever, for everyone. Candidates leery of another layoff experience want to be sure of their decision. Organizations want to be sure they’re bringing on committed employees who will go the extra mile in unprecedented times.

How you can prepare: The candidate experience still rules! Modern Hire is setting new standards with candidates’ personal hiring experiences that are:

  • Immersive. Realistic job previews and job simulations in our pre-hire assessments give candidates an honest look at your organization and culture as well as insight into the daily experience.
  • Two-way. Your candidates’ journey progresses with intelligent interactions and content in our platform for more in-depth insights, and through opportunities to communicate with recruiters and give and receive feedback.
  • Simple, fast, and convenient. Our integration of trusted science and proven technology allows you to create a digital process for each position that lives up to your employer brand promise to candidates.

 Embrace this opportunity

These are exciting days for talent acquisition professionals. True, many of the changes we’ve seen in the last several months were made out of necessity. Now, there’s an opportunity to maintain new best practices. How can you reimagine your work to take hiring experiences and performance to all-new levels?