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How to Improve Technical Hiring Experiences & Results

The extreme difficulty in hiring tech talent has been going on for ages. What is new, technical recruiters, is the science-based technology that empowers you to deeply understand technical candidates’ potential performance and fit for the role. Finding and making great technical hires is about assessing more than technical skills. Your candidates need certain core competencies to succeed on the job.

Win the technical hiring war

To gain the edge in this hyper-competitive technical hiring market, you need two things: A candidate experience that pleases and impresses even the most seasoned developer, engineer, or analyst, and a hiring process proven to help you identify candidates’ potential for performance. Modern Hire’s Hiring Blueprints deliver both to help you improve your technical hiring experiences and results.

Hiring Blueprints are prescribed job-specific workflows that leverage Modern Hire’s science-based virtual hiring technology. They include:

  • An engaging candidate experience with realistic job previews and branded interview foyers 
  • A job-relevant multi-method assessment that leverages advanced AI and analytics
  • On-demand and live interview stages that leverage job-appropriate interaction types
  • Job-related questions and ratings scales for interview review
  • Workflow automation to fast-track candidates based upon assessment scores and reviewer ratings
  • Candidate self-scheduling for live interviews

The workflows recommended in Hiring Blueprints are based on nearly two decades of research and practice, more than 400 client validation studies, and data from billions of candidate interactions. They are scientifically designed by Modern Hire’s team of industrial-organizational (I-O) scientists to identify best-fit candidates for your role with more precision. 

What technical candidates experience in your hiring process

Technical candidates are going to be ultra-aware of the technology you use in hiring. Every building block in the Hiring Blueprints is a technology created to be candidate-centric, so hiring experiences are fast, simple, and personal – the kinds of experiences that will hold technical candidates’ attention. Here’s what your technical candidates can expect:

  • A realistic job preview and Virtual Job Tryout™. Candidates get an inside, honest look at the job through a realistic job preview. Then in a virtual job tryout assessment, they learn about the challenges and opportunities associated with being in the position. Job simulations measure candidates’ ability to respond to realistic situations related to building relationships with managers, clients, and coworkers. They have the opportunity to tell their story, which reveals relevant experience, stability of their work history, and past performance. Virtual Job Tryouts also assess personality characteristics that empirically and rationally link with critical professional performance criteria.
  • Qualified candidates are automatically advanced to an on-demand video interview. There’s no wait, and qualified candidates see you are serious about moving them quickly and seamlessly through your process. Candidates may complete the on-demand video at that time or at any time that’s convenient for them. They answer job-specific behavioral and follow-up questions that will allow you and the hiring manager to determine fit.
  • Qualified candidates are again automatically advanced to an invite to self-schedule their live phone interview, and from there, are advanced to self-scheduling their live in-person interview.

Technical candidates experience a continuous, consistent hiring process that uses advanced technology to provide job insights and opportunities to demonstrate their fit. In addition, technical recruiters can stay in frequent communication with candidates via the Modern Hire platform and ask for and provide feedback. It’s a high-touch experience that tells technical candidates, “We respect your time, and we want to get to know you personally.”   

Benefits of prescribed technical hiring workflows

Modern Hire’s Hiring Blueprints accelerate technical hiring, and the Modern Hire platform creates many advantages for technical recruiters:

  • Prediction of candidate fit. The Virtual Job Tryout assesses core competencies for technical roles such as overall performance, focus on customers, drives results, communication, learns, and adapts. They are proven to be predictive of candidates’ future job performance.
  • Efficiency. Technical recruiters can move any technical candidates through the Hiring Blueprint workflow with speed, efficiency, and peace of mind knowing the hiring experience is personal and engaging.
  • Speed. Candidates with the most in-demand technical skills are not on the job market long. Technical recruiters can get to their short-list faster with confidence in their candidate selection decisions to bring hiring managers into the process and make job offers without delay.

Hiring Blueprints also track and measure key metrics to demonstrate and continuously improve hiring success.

 Make offers to top tech talent faster

Here’s the bottom line: You need to identify and offer employment to the best technical candidates on the market before someone else does. Modern Hire gives you the science, the technology, and the process to hire technical candidates who have the core competencies to drive results for your organization.