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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

How to Hire the Candidates Who Will Lead, Inspire, and Perform

If there’s one attribute every organization wants in a candidate these days, it would be “Finds A Way.” That phrase encompasses so much – initiative, determination, and resourcefulness – qualities we’ve all needed to carry on professionally and personally in the past two years. What if you knew which candidates had this attribute before you made a job offer? 

Modern Hire’s science makes it possible 

Knowing which candidates possess initiative, determination, and resourcefulness isn’t a what-if scenario for Modern Hire clients. Right now, Modern Hire clients are driving more effective hiring. We’ve partnered with one of the largest aerospace companies in the world to develop a custom Virtual Job Tryout® that predicts candidates’ future success in a specific leadership role. The hundreds of employees in this role are the backbone of the company, managing manufacturing teams and suppliers, and leading process improvements. Some of the characteristics examined for this role include charting the course, setting high expectations, inspiring others, and finding a way through challenges. 

The Virtual Job Tryout pre-hire assessment measures job-relevant competencies proven to be crucial to new hire success in the role.   

Connecting hiring practices to business outcomes 

Ongoing analysis by Modern Hire’s team of I-O scientists confirms that the Virtual Job Tryout accurately and effectively reflects our client’s core performance metrics. That’s the key to connecting hiring practices to business outcomes. The Virtual Job Tryout effectively predicts job fit because it’s built on tens of millions of candidate interactions and nearly two decades of research into human behavior and candidate selection. Modern Hire’s predictive analytics are part of a closed-loop system that captures pre- and post-hire data points and relates them to relevant business outcomes.   

Virtual Tryouts are available for dozens of job families and can be tailored to performance metrics specific to the organization, as it is for this client. Ready-to-implement or customized, the Virtual Job Tryout is a validated, predictive AI-enabled tool that helps hiring teams use objective data to guide hiring decisions.   

Data-driven hiring is less biased 
Another way Virtual Job Tryouts drive effective hiring is by reducing bias. Traditional hiring practices have relied on resumes, social media, and other subjective information sources with low (to no) predictive value. When hiring teams use a validated pre-hire assessment to inform candidate selection decisions, they use objective, job-relevant data. In other words, they can select best-fit candidates with much less influence by unconscious bias. The Modern Hire platform integrates several tools that reduce bias in hiring, including Automated Interview Creator and Automated Interview Scoring. Read more about the continued adoption of AI technologies that reduce bias in recruitment in our white paper, 2022 Hiring Trends: Will There Be A “Next Normal”?.

Client results 

The ongoing analysis of our aerospace client indicates effective hiring results with Modern Hire’s predictive pre-employment assessments. By hiring candidates who scored highest on the Virtual Job Tryout, the client has built a workforce of leaders more likely to be high achievers on internal metrics such as the integrated performance score and the business goals/objectives score.   

Effective hiring with predictive assessments occurs at other Modern Hire clients. One of the nation’s largest healthcare organizations partnered with Modern Hire to customize a Virtual Job Tryout for its customer service representative role. Candidates who scored highest on the Tryout were 3.5x more likely to be rated as one of the best ever, 6.0x more likely to be rated as accountable, and 2.4x more likely to be rated as trustworthy. They also generated more satisfaction with customers.  

Modern Hire helps clients hire more effectively, but we also help them with efficient, ethical, and engaging hiring. With a science-based intelligent hiring platform, there’s no reason to sacrifice some hiring priorities for the sake of others. To know more about a holistic approach that creates measurable hiring results, even in today’s challenging talent market, download our white paper, How to Hire Right When You Are Starved for Candidates.