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How Modern Hire Helps You Hire for Potential Over Current Skill

Contact tracers, workplace redesigners, screen manufacturers and installers, and telehealth professionals; four roles in four different industries that didn’t concern recruiters in 2019. Then in 2020, they couldn’t fill these jobs fast enough. How do you hire with certainty for jobs that weren’t necessarily a well-established part of the working world pre-pandemic?  

Reskilling and upskilling have been on the radar screen for organizations for quite some time. In 2018, 66% of business executives said upskilling current employees was a top-ten business priority; 30% ranked it in the top five. Today, as digital transformation has accelerated and new types of jobs are quickly being created, recruiters often must prioritize candidates’ potential over current skills when hiring. Modern Hire is helping recruiters identify best-fit candidates in these situations with advanced science and AI-based tools.   

Assessing new hire potential  

Modern Hire enables recruiters to measure candidates’ proficiency with digital readiness, learning agility, and reliability, all of which help candidates adapt to the rapidly-changing business environment. The Virtual Job Tryout® is a pre-employment assessment that uses Modern Hire’s advanced selection science to predict candidates’ future job performance based on the core competencies proven to drive on-the-job success. Virtual Job Tryouts are available for more than 40 roles and job families and scale easily to the candidate pool. With the Tryouts, recruiters can predict fit quickly and reduce turnover.   

Near the onset of the pandemic, demand increased for healthcare services that could be provided virtually. The role of a telehealth professional is one example. Though healthcare professionals began seeing patients by video, it quickly became apparent that a) more healthcare professionals were needed, and b) the knowledge, skills, and capabilities that drive success in telehealth positions are different from those in traditional healthcare jobs. For instance, interpreting patients’ reactions on-screen or using audio cues only is essential for telehealth roles. Modern Hire created a Telehealth Professional Hiring Blueprint that included a Virtual Job Tryout to give recruiters a scientifically valid prediction of on-the-job success for telehealth candidates. Read more. 

Helping candidates see their potential with find my fit 

Candidates don’t always know they’d be a great fit for a role, so they don’t apply. This can be especially true for jobs traditionally associated with a specific demographic group. To help job seekers discover their potential, Modern Hire developed Find My Fit™. This innovative online tool helps candidates learn more about themselves and their suitability for different roles. Find My Fit is backed by Modern Hire’s talent intelligence and is proven to recommend jobs to candidates with a high degree of accuracy. It’s also proven to recommend jobs equitably, which can help equalize the talent pool in terms of protected classes of candidates.  

Here’s how it works: Recruiters invite job seekers and internal candidates to complete a Find My Fit assessment using the Modern Hire platform. Candidates receive personalized feedback that can lead them to apply for jobs they haven’t considered before. For instance, a Modern Hire client using Find My Fit for a field service technician role found that more than 50% of the applicants who used the assessment were female. Without Find My Fit, that percentage was only about 30%. The analysis indicates that, in this case, Find My Fit lead more females to a traditionally male role. The client’s recruiters were able to get more targeted recruiting of best-fit candidates who have never done the job before. 

See more of 2022’s most important hiring trends  

Hiring for potential over current skill is just one of the trends Modern Hire has identified as critical for practitioners to understand and monitor this year. To get all the details, download our white paper, 2022 Hiring Trends: Will There Be a “Next” Normal”?