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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

How to Empower Your TA Team in the AI Age

Turnover rates exceeding 25% are a red flag for any position, but what if it’s for recruiters within your team? According to one 2019 survey, the turnover rate for in-house recruiters is nearly 27%, while at staffing firms, the rate is slightly lower at 22%. Recruiters live in a continually changing world under relentless pressure to perform – no wonder recruiting is a high-turnover role. You can help ease your team’s burdens and set them up to succeed with recruiting tools that leverage advanced technology. Here’s how to empower your TA team in the age of AI.

Tools to improve the tactical and strategic

Recruiters are asked to solve myriad challenges every day. Each can be monumental, from meeting candidate and hiring manager expectations to increasing organizational diversity through hiring. There’s always the pressure to do more with less. They’ve also had to pivot 180 degrees in a market that went from candidate scarcity to candidate abundancy nearly overnight.

With the maturity of AI-enabled enterprise hiring platforms, there’s no reason recruiters have to cope with these challenges unassisted. Proven AI hiring technology helps recruiters move through the tactical (i.e., administrative) work and be more strategic in their relationship-building with candidates. For example, AI-enabled tools can help them:

  • Engage and screen thousands of applicants in just minutes. AI-enabled text interviewing is a one-to-many technology that helps recruiters handle the funnel’s top more quickly and with more personalization for candidates. With this solution, candidates automatically receive a text message to answer additional screening questions after completing their ATS application. Candidates who meet basic job qualifications are then automatically advanced to the next hiring step. When text interviewing is integrated with a chatbot, recruiters can provide a modern candidate experience at scale. Chatbots send personalized responses to a candidate’s unique questions and concerns and offer candidates on-demand assistance and support. Here’s the bottom line: With this AI technology, recruiters can speed up engagement with thousands of candidates, narrow the talent pool, and create more personal hiring experiences in a short window of time. Learn more about this technology in our white paperDon’t Get Buried in the Candidate Crush.
  • Identify the qualified candidates in any size applicant pool more fairly and quickly. Pre-hire assessments that use AI algorithms rather than traditional scoring models can significantly improve the prediction of turnover and candidates’ success on the job. It’s not black box technology: Machine learning models can detect non-linear patterns and adjust scoring of assessments appropriately. By focusing on job-relevant competencies, AI-enabled pre-hire assessments can reduce bias and make hiring a fairer, more consistent process. Pre-hire assessments in a platform like Modern Hire create essential data points for recruiters to use to determine which candidates to advance in the hiring process. Because pre-hire assessments can be used at scale, they empower recruiters to evaluate many more candidates faster. Learn more about AI-enabled pre-hire assessments in our Business Impact Brief on turnover.
  • Spend less time on scheduling. It’s hard to think of a clearer case in which AI can empower your team. Automated interview scheduling that integrates AI will take this time-intensive task off your team’s shoulders and free up literally hours in their day. The AI-driven recruiting assistant can reach out to candidates and hiring managers, set up the most convenient time, and handle reminders and changes in the schedule. Recruiters use it to schedule every type of interview and other kinds of hiring events, too.

Modern Hire’s automated interviewing scheduling solution saves recruiters time and effort by integrating with all major calendaring, email, ATS, and CRM systems. As many as half of all recruiters already use automated interview scheduling technology, there is a caveat: A scheduling solution integrated with an enterprise hiring platform rather than being a stand-alone creates the most value. Your team will see even greater efficiencies by working with fewer applications and a full-cycle solution. Integrated technology will also create a more seamless experience for candidates and hiring managers.

Intelligent candidate interactions in prescribed workflows

To put the smiles on the faces of your team, consider Modern Hire Hiring Blueprints. Hiring Blueprints are job-specific, repeatable workflows that integrate AI in many forms, including pre-hire assessments, predictive analytics, and automated workflows, to help recruiters drive better decision-making and fast-track your hiring.

Hiring Blueprints also leverage AI for intelligent candidate interactions at every step of the process. The Modern Hire platform builds the candidates’ journey based on questions they have already been asked. Intelligent interactions also ensure candidates are continually kept in the loop on their progress and next steps.

Hiring Blueprints are designed as ready-to-implement strategic hiring plans, and are available for nearly 60 specific job families. They are one more way you can help ease your TA team’s daily pressures with AI and give them the tools to support faster, more objective talent acquisition.