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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

How Do You Hire For Job Fit?

To improve your quality of hire and create the right job fit, you need a solution that addresses both your needs and those of your candidates.

But how?

The answer is simple: Forward-looking organizations are using pre-hire assessments that don’t merely predict but actually previews performance.

Performance preview is unique because it addresses your organizational needs better and respects the candidate in ways other pre-hire assessments cannot. Performance preview doesn’t treat candidates like a commodity. Rather, it recognizes real people applying for real jobs. Job fit is a two-sided decision requiring an approach that enables both employer and candidate to present a holistic impression of themselves to help make the most informed employment decisions.

Modern Hire uses performance preview to more accurately predict candidate job fit with less effort. It’s a multi-method approach steeped in science to gauge on-the-job success.

Why Clients Love Modern Hire performance preview:

  • Job Relevant Gamification: Candidates don’t just see the job – they play the job by engaging in day-in-the-life scenarios, typical job tasks, and structured experiences designed to assess talent fit.
  • Simulation: Modern Hire collects data while candidates demonstrate their abilities as aspects of the job come to life, enabling candidates to get a feel for the type of work they may be involved in each day. You can use this data to objectively rank, compare, and prioritize candidates.
  • Validation: Harnessing the science of predictive modeling to link candidate responses to your performance metrics, providing you with a comprehensive view of job fit that accurately predicts on-the-job performance. We use our vast data – over 500 million data points – that we’ve linked to performance outcomes, to drive what we measure, and to inform our predictive algorithms that result in substantial business impact.
  • At its core, a performance preview and realistic job preview helps employers clearly convey which competencies – knowledge, skills, and abilities – are required in the role.

Why Candidates Love performance preview

It brings the job to life.

A job description is a one-dimensional way to provide a rundown of a role and candidates can interpret written descriptions in many different ways. For example, why tell a candidate they will take calls from customers when you can show them what these calls are like and see how they’d respond? Job descriptions don’t provide a feel for the job, and they usually provide even less insight into the organizational culture.

Candidates gain unique insight. Enabling a candidate to actually perform the job can help reveal competency proficiency better than legacy assessments can. You can measure actual performance, including completion of job specific tasks, technical expertise, and other aspects, through interactive simulations and asking the right questions in the right ways.

Get Ahead of the Game with performance previews

Employers who use performance preview also put themselves ahead of competitors in assessing talent. Traditional assessments are boring, tedious, and monotonous – filled with true-false statements or hundreds of multiple-choice questions or scales. Job relevant gamification engages applicants more deeply, in world where expectations are higher every day for immersive experiences. High-fidelity games and media are built to entertain, and candidates expect more from their candidate experience.

Ultimately, multi-method information-gathering allows you to look at candidates more holistically than other assessments, and then be able to rank candidates according to their abilities to ensure better job fit.