Hotel Chain Wins Top College Talent with Video Interviewing

February 25, 2016    |    3 minutes read

Modern Hire

How does a Missouri-based hotel chain expand candidate reach and company growth? By integrating video interviewing into its talent acquisition strategy. This company’s business challenges aligned so well with our technology solution that it’s truly a use case which fires on all cylinders. Since nearly two million bachelor’s degree students are preparing to flood the talent market in a few short months, now seems like the perfect time to share our client’s college recruiting success story with you.

A Warm Welcome Learned on the Farm

Family owned and operated for 40 years, this hospitality company focuses on the basics that helped it grow into a successful, expanding hotel chain. The owners have taken the simple virtues learned on the family farm and adapted them to the road: “You are our guest, you are welcome, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.” The friendly team members work hard to share these same values with every guest in every hotel, nationwide. Based in Missouri, the company owns 130 hotels in 21 states.

Speeding Business Growth

Because Missouri is not well known as a travel destination, expansion is vital to the success of the business. In the hospitality industry, expansion can’t happen without a successful talent acquisition strategy. A large percentage of this company’s employees are sourced from college campuses and its international work and travel program. However, the interview process was often delayed days or weeks due to the busy schedules of the hotels’ managers. The company explored video interviewing as a way to solve this and several related business issues:

  • Extend candidate reach beyond local market
  • Virtually reach college talent
  • Increase speed to hire
  • Increase interview flexibility for managers

“We are in 21 states and growing, and we wanted to speed our growth and expansion,” said the chain’s manager of recruitment and staffing. “With Modern Hire’s video interviewing technology, we extended our reach. it’s just like we are interviewing candidates on premise.”

Recruiters, extend your reach to college campuses without any travel using video interviewing.

Video Interviewing Solves Critical Issues

When the hotel chain chose Modern Hire as their video interviewing partner, we were immediately able to eliminate many of the scheduling issues for the hotels’ managers, and expedite the hiring process.

“It’s hard to fit everything into a 40- to 50-hour work week,” said the chain’s recruitment and staffing manager. “We often interview on weekends and evenings and extend the schedule. We also use Modern Hire for marketing and selling the brand. We do presentations.”

“Working with Modern Hire has reduced the time the chain’s recruiters spend on college campuses. We want to have a place in the college world, but we don’t have the resources to be everywhere. We can now send out links to do 10, 20, 40 interviews per week. All college campuses have this video equipment setup now so we don’t spend two days traveling,” noted the manager.

Hard Numbers Point to Performance

The hotel chain now uses Modern Hire’s video interviewing platform to expedite interviews throughout its hiring process. Management can schedule interviews and make hiring decisions much more quickly, which has shortened the hiring process by more than two weeks.

The hard numbers point to critical college recruiting performance: The chain has increased its ability to compete for top college talent while reducing travel expenses by 50%. Critical management resources are freed to spend more time on other business strategies. And, the increased quality of hire the hotel chain is seeing is leading to faster business growth.

Video Interviewing as a Best Practice

Success stories like this make it easy to see why video interviewing has become a best practice in new grad talent acquisition. Whether recruiting candidates from colleges campuses across the city or across the country, TA teams rely on video interviewing technology to solve the logistics issues and elevate their employer brands. If you’d like to learn more, contact us for a virtual demonstration today.