Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) & Modern Hire



One of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare services, HCA is made up of locally managed facilities that include 185 hospitals and 119 freestanding surgery centers located in 21 U.S. states. HCA uses its reach, scale, and stability to transform healthcare and help communities thrive.



With 70,000 positions to fill each year, HCA’s talent acquisition team concentrates on efficiency and candidate experience to deliver quality hires. The national healthcare organization was already using Modern Hire’s on-demand video and voice interviewing to improve speed-to-hire and provide a better candidate experience. HCA’s TA leadership planned to reduce time-to-fill even further by adding Modern Hire’s automated scheduling to its workflow.

“We’re a very large organization so, I’m blessed with the ability to do pilots with a sizable group of professionals when we’re introducing new technologies and practices,” said Kelly Furbee, HCA’s Vice President of Talent Acquisition. “The pilot data informs our decisions on strategy and helps win our recruiters’ buy-in.”



Sixty-four HCA recruiters in two divisions across the country participated in the automated scheduling pilot. One division used Modern Hire’s platform to send a text message to candidates inviting them to self-schedule their initial phone interview. In the other division, recruiters tried to contact candidates by phone first, then sent the Modern Hire text invite.

The difference was clear. With candidates who simply received a text, 82% responded within 24 hours. Of that group, 30% scheduled their phone interview within 30 minutes of getting the text, and 60% scheduled within five hours. For the division that called first and left voice messages, the response rate dropped to 70%.

“Some of our recruiters had concerns about not making a phone connection with candidates first. That was especially true of our RN recruiters, who typically have about six applicants per req. They were thinking, ‘With just a few candidates, why wouldn’t I just call them first and make the connection?’” explains Portia Huston, Manager, Training & Recruitment Operations.



Certain job categories saw an even larger percentage of candidates respond to the text invite. HCA found that 88% of RN candidates for management and supervision roles self-scheduled their interview, and 95% of candidates for non-clinical specialist and professional roles responded to the text invite.

Based on high response rates with certain roles, such as patient care support and clinical technicians, the TA team is considering elevating them to a higher-touch hiring workflow to improve time-to-fill even further.

With Modern Hire’s automated scheduling, HCA is moving candidates forward faster in its hiring process. The TA team has been able to:

  • Decrease the number of days candidates wait to be scheduled for a phone interview
  • Significantly reduce the number of staff involved in scheduling interviews

Modern Hire’s automated scheduling has been rolled out to the entire HCA TA team, including its sourcing team.

“Today it takes us about 70 days to fill an RN position. If we can decrease that by just a day or two – even though we’d still have more work to do – it leads to anywhere between $7 million and $14 million in savings to HCA, by gaining efficiency and reducing our use of contract labor,” said Furbee.

“Our pilot suggests that candidates actually prefer receiving a text invite to schedule their interview rather than a call by a recruiter first. That data helped us change recruiters’ mindsets and improved adoption by our team.” – Kelly Furbee, HCA’s Vice President of Talent Acquisition