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Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian and Modern Hire Win 2020 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Award

Modern Hire and Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian won the Silver Award for Best Candidate Experience in the Talent Acquisition category of the 2020 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards.

The Best Candidate Experience Award for Talent Acquisition is a competition based on the best practices for creating a strategy that improves the candidate experience. 

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian’s primary goal has always been to create an experience where every candidate feels welcome, comfortable, and safe. Because Hoag’s brand is built around creating an exceptional patient experience, it only makes sense to extend these core values to the candidate experience. 

In high volume, skill-based situations, it can be challenging to find and hire candidates in a timely and effective manner, especially in an industry where professionals have long hours—seeking and applying for a new job can be difficult for candidates. 

This is where Modern Hire and Hoag worked together to improve the candidate experience by setting the following goals: 

  • Ease the burden on recruiters and hiring managers. 
  • Accelerate the interview timeline to streamline the massive candidate pipeline. 
  • Ensure a personalized candidate experience 

At Hoag, the candidate experience’s preliminary design focuses on using technology to get to know candidates better and provides candidates with an opportunity to better highlight their soft skills 

Hoag attributes its success in this benchmarking program to its strong talent acquisition team and Modern Hire’s solutions for modernizing its processes. Hoag has also seen a sharp increase in its candidate experience surveys. 

In the years before adopting Modern Hire’s solutions, Hoag received more than 70,000 applications annually –– but was only able to interview 10% of those candidates. After implementing on-demand video interviewing solutions from Modern Hire, Hoag was able to increase that amount to 30% –– meaning without increasing talent acquisition team headcount, Hoag was able to connect with a large number of candidates it couldn’t talk with previously.  

The improvement for the candidate experience is a process and not a one-time project. Modern Hire and Hoag are honored to be recognized by Brandon Hall for this award! We are proud of the work accomplished by both the Modern Hire and Hoag teams.  

We look forward to continuing improvements and bettering the candidate experience!