Hit All 3 Cs in Order to Captivate Millennial Job Candidates

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Modern Hire

There’s so much out there these days on millennials in the workforce it’s hard to know what is real and what is just plain conjecture. As a parent of two millennials and a frequent teammate with younger employees, I’ve seen these guys in action. In my experience, they are earnest, well-meaning and capable of incredible things. So why do companies find it hard to “get” them? It could be because traditional hiring processes don’t address millennial job candidates’ perspective and priorities. In the ongoing time crunch in TA, it’s easy to forget the hiring process itself sends a message just by the way it makes candidates feel. Organizations could create better relationships with their millennial job candidates right from the start by addressing what I call the 3 Cs: Credibility, Contribution, Connection.

Credibility Matters

Younger job seekers want to check that they are engaging with the right employer for them – culture fit is at the top of their list. For millennial job candidates in particular, trust and openness in hiring are key.They should be core to the message from a potential employer, a message which is reiterated and runs through from attraction and selection and beyond. It’s about bringing the genuine internal company to the outside for all to see. Millennial job candidates will be looking for authenticity in your promise of sustainability and corporate citizenship, as well as your commitment to the use of advanced business technology. They also want an objective, fair hiring process, and assessment that is relevant to their potential role. Look for opportunities to showcase these qualities in order to build your credibility with younger candidates.

They Want to Contribute

The media has often characterized the millennial generation as narcissistic and self-absorbed. This isn’t what I see at work, though. Yes, they are individualistic, but they also come across as team players who sincerely want to engage and contribute. A challenging position with solid team support is the ideal. Whereas older employees are looking to climb the ladder, younger employees’ ambition is directed in a different way: They want to be part of something they can be proud of. And, they will jump ship if their on-the-job reality doesn’t match their expectations for engaging work. Here’s where video interviewing technology offers an essential benefit – the means to show rather than tell what employment at your organization will be like. With video interviewing, you can easily enable younger candidates to talk with a potential manager and co-workers, and see the actual work environment. A verbal description of the role and responsibilities by your recruiters can’t compare to live, face-to-face dialog via video.

Connection is Critical to Millenial Job Candidates

This generation has grown up being extremely networked with each other via social media. Too, they live integrated work and personal lives with not much if any distinction between the two. As a result, when they’re job hunting, they’re searching for the same sense of connection at their new employer. Video interviews offer that opportunity for connection and building relationships with candidates, even if they are not the ones you eventually hire. Modern Hire’s purpose-built video interviewing platform also enables recruiters to reach out to younger candidates via social media. Jobs can easily and quickly be socialized on LinkedIn and other channels, inviting interested candidates into the hiring process for a brief, on-demand video interview.

Ultimately, younger candidates are looking for employers who are just like themselves – engaged. They want mentors, they want career paths and goals, they want companies who are engaged in the community. If you’re that company, make sure you showcase it in your hiring process. Hit all 3 Cs, and you’re likely to become the younger generation’s employer of choice.

As Quality Assurance Lead, Nan Marino is passionate about ensuring a quality experience for Modern Hire clients and their candidates. She brings over 15 years of experience and an interest in Context Driven testing to Modern Hire. She spends her free time looking for old things to repurpose, flying remote control helicopters, and raising chickens in her backyard. Reach Nan at