Hiring Needs Big Data Now More Than Ever, But What About Personalization?

April 13, 2020

Erin Iafelice

Q1 2020 was unlike any other with the sudden shift to virtual working, the shutdowns, and the rise of unemployment in the U.S. As we roll on into Q2, some businesses are ramping up quickly and putting talent acquisition software at the forefront of these efforts. Amazon, for instance, plans to hire another 75,000 workers after hiring nearly 100,000 last month. Some may even need to hire back their entire workforce as a novel way to reduce turnover. The rise in candidate applications could start to come through in mass quantities, creating a dire challenge for recruiters in identifying talent at scale at the top of the funnel. The time has never been more right for integrating artificial intelligence for recruiting as well as big data analytics in hiring, but what will that mean for candidates’ personal experience?

The new hiring equation

Algorithms, artificial intelligence, and analytics are meant to make sense of a large amount of data, such as a large pool of applicants. According to, “Big data and analytics can be rightly applied to a range of decisions down the line in the process of talent acquisition.”  This includes narrowing down the candidate-sorting process by their characteristics or making the entire process in line with what’s most efficient for the organization. Algorithms, AI in HR, and analytics can also be applied to personalizing hiring experiences for candidates. The new hiring equation is about both: Making hiring much more personal while also making hiring decision-making much more effective through the use of pre employment assessment tools, so recruiting teams can adapt to new business realities.

Personalizing the Employment Screening Services with Modern Hire

Without the SaaS platform developed by Modern Hire, most recruiters would be manually sorting job seekers, and that’s a no-win for all involved. Modern Hire’s pre-employment testing platform builds personalization and decision-making support into every step of the hiring process with AI, HR tech and big data analytics:

Engage and screen. Text interviewing with automated candidate advancements is at the pinnacle of personalized candidate engagement and screening technology. We all understand the power of reaching people via a text interview. This is the mobile tech they rely on to run their lives (perhaps even more so during this quarantine!) Recruiters’ one-to-many text interviews can reflect their organization’s brand and vernacular while enabling candidates to quickly get their answer about moving on in the hiring process. With automated candidate advancement, Modern Hire’s AI-powered hiring assistant scores responses to text interviews and invites qualified candidates to the next step of the career assessment using natural language. The assistant can also invite candidates after an on-demand interview. Candidates’ interview scheduling is quickly taken care of, and they stay engaged throughout the entire virtual interview process without any extra steps taken by the recruiting team.

Assess and interview. Hiring feels personal when candidates can get answers and insight into the employment experience your organization is offering. Modern Hire’s Virtual Job Tryouts are multimedia, job-specific pre-employment assessments that give candidates a realistic preview of the job. Candidates perform a range of job tasks via a job simulator and respond to a series of job-relevant exercises that enable them to learn about the job. At the same time, big data analytics methods and predictive modeling are forms of assessment strategies used to deliver proven results on each candidate and the essential drivers of performance in that job. Over a decade of validation research combined with hiring and performance data from millions of applicants is the foundation of Virtual Job Tryout technology.

Modern Hire has pre-configured virtual job tryouts in many essential businesses. Our tailored Virtual Job Tryouts – which is a proven form of pre employment screening — includes custom branding, messaging, images, and realistic job previews to create a highly personalized hiring experience.

Modern Hire has ready-to-implement Virtual Job Tryouts for

  • Healthcare
  • Delivery/logistics
  • Retail
  • Call centers
  • Financial services

Best-fit is better for all  

The assessment of fit has become more essential and more complicated lately for both organizations and candidates. Big data analytics and AI in recruitment have a crucial role in helping both sides efficiently and comfortably get an understanding of that fit. TA teams can maintain high tech, personalized engagement with all candidates entering pre employment testing and direct their time to right-fit candidates using the Modern Hire platform.