Healthcare Hiring: Video Interviewing Helps Recruiters Hit the Target

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Feb 15, 2016
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Mention the word ‘healthcare’ in the context of recruiting and talent acquisition, and the conversation immediately turns to the nursing shortage. True, hiring nurses is one of the biggest challenges for healthcare recruiters. In February of last year, WANTED Analytics found more than 324,000 online job openings for registered nurses alone, a 34% year-over-year increase. However, healthcare recruiters have more than just nursing on their plate, and the skills they’re searching for are not always easy to evaluate.When recruiters need to identify candidates with specific, complex, non-clinical skills, video interviewing is an effective practice for reaching their healthcare hiring objectives.

Demand for Predictive Analytics Skills Grows

As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly data-driven, predictive analytics is being used to improve patient care and chronic disease management and to identify opportunities to enhance hospital administration and supply chain efficiency. However, the demand for people with predictive analytics skills is high. That means healthcare recruiters are up against tough competition from other industries in filling their management analyst, market research analyst and marketing specialist roles. Video interviewing can ease the process in several ways:

  • Recruiters can source niche groups via social media and invite candidates directly into an on-demand video
  • Recruiters can advertise a text code through multiple media channels, inviting candidates to text for an immediate invitation into an on-demand voice interview. This capability extends recruiters’ reach to the talent pool that doesn’t have or use smart phones.
  • Candidates who are already working can complete an on-demand or live video interview without taking time from their current job
  • Recruiters can engage candidates with their employer brand and “sell” them on the benefits of the role and healthcare organization

Steady Increase in Demand for Bilingual Candidates

Although WANTED Analytics recently found an overall decline in the demand for bilingual Spanish-speaking candidates, the demand in healthcare for candidates with these skills has shown a steady increase. In fact, many of the top employers for this skill set are in the healthcare industry. Cultural competence has become a hot button for healthcare organizations, and having employees who are fluent in Spanish and other second languages in the U.S. helps to support this objective. For recruiters charged with presenting slates of top, bilingual talent, video interviewing is high-value technology:

  • With video interviewing, recruiters can screen for fluency with an on-demand interview before inviting candidates further into the hiring process
  • Video interviewing makes it convenient for bilingual employees to participate in a panel interview right from their work spaces – in any location – to assess candidates’ fluency
  • Recruiters can quickly share recorded live and on-demand interviews with other members of the hiring team to get their input on candidates’ fit with organizational culture as well as bilingual skills
  • The capability to ask questions and request responses via video, audio or written format enables organizations to get a 360 view of candidates’ fluency

Offer a Superior Healthcare Hiring Experience

There’s no question that healthcare hiring is tough for both clinical and non-clinical positions. However, in addition to the advantages described above, video interviewing gives healthcare recruiters an edge by offering a positive hiring experience for candidates, as well as brand elevation due to the configurable nature of purpose-built video interviewing solutions.

When recruiters can dialog with candidates face-to-face earlier in the hiring process, and offer them a convenient, innovative way to connect, they’re more likely to attract the attention of candidates they hope to hire. Voice and video interviewing can help recruiters reach their healthcare hiring goals.