Are You Hiring for Culture Fit?

Hiring for culture fit evaluates more than just a candidate’s resume.

Have you held a job you had to psych yourself up for? Not to meet goals or metrics, not to give a big presentation, but just to get to the office in the morning? If so, you know the value of culture fit.

What is culture fit?

Culture fit, according to SHRM, is the underlying beliefs, assumptions, values, and ways of interacting that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization.

In hiring, culture fit is all about ensuring harmony between the candidate and the values and norms of the business. In addition to having an impact on job performance, culture fit can be even more critical for increased engagement and higher retention.

Simply put, if you hire your candidates for culture fit, you are ensuring a better chance at success.

But how do you hire for culture fit?

The best way to hire for culture fit is to use pre-employment testing to learn about your candidate’s potential culture fit early in the hiring process. Here are three ways to do that:

1. Offer a Realistic Job Preview

Don’t sell your position as if it were a car. Speak honestly about the role (including the challenges) and remember that you can save time and cost by giving candidates a balanced perspective.

2. Create culture fit measurement tools that make sense for your organization

We’re collecting more data than ever before, but that data is only useful if it can be interpreted and used correctly. Well-defined, specific measurement tools can be used to capture meaningful data about fit, leading to a more informed decision process.

3. Have meaningful conversations

Dialogue focused on culture fit, especially if it seems to be an area of interest to your candidate, can increase the attractiveness of your organization.

Modern Hire has extensive experience in developing organization-specific culture fit exercises. As part of the Virtual Job Tryout, candidates work through exercises that ask them to think about and identify elements of workplace culture that are most important to them.

The information gathered in the Virtual Job Tryout is reported to the recruiter, who is then better able to engage the candidate in dialogue about career motivators and culture fit.

Learn more about how a Modern Hire assessment can enable you to improve hiring results through a more personalized, data-driven experience.