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How To Improve High-Volume Hiring: Interviewing Tips

High-volume hiring isn’t getting easier, despite the availability of talent. If you’re not working in a platform that makes your hiring process efficient, effective, fair, and experience driven, you could be losing your top candidates.

Have a love-hate relationship with your phone at work? If you’re like many recruiters, the time-consuming phone screens and endless phone tag to schedule even one candidate interview can drive you crazy. But, you’re not ready to give up your phone for candidate screening yet. Problem is, the average phone screen lasts 30 minutes. Even if you can get it down to about 20 minutes, that’s still only 120 candidates you can engage in a week. In high-volume hiring situations, the phone can’t deliver the same speed, simplicity and convenience in hiring as more modern technologies, like AI-enabled interviewing software. Try these tech-enabled practices to improve high-volume hiring interviewing and land more top talent.

Manage high-volume hiring smarter.
Hundreds or thousands of candidates have applied but there’s only one of you, and they’re each expecting a timely response. You can accelerate your high-volume hiring response time with text interviews. Use on-demand text to engage candidates immediately after application and gather critical information that will help you identify viable candidates.

Ask questions related to job requirements, such as having a specific license, the ability to lift 50 pounds, or availability for nights and weekends. With an AI-enabled interviewing platform for high-volume hiring, candidates who meet your basic job requirements are automatically invited to the next step in your hiring process by a virtual recruiting assistant that uses natural language. Those who don’t are notified politely right away and aren’t left wondering about their status. With this strategy, high-volume hiring is simplified, as you engage a large number of candidates simultaneously and quickly identify top contenders.

Not ready to give up phone screens yet? Automatic scheduling is another strategy for improved high-volume hiring that lets you keep those phone screens. Here’s how one global logistics company reduced its time to schedule interviews by five days for its seasonal high volume hiring:

As part of its application, candidates could choose if they wanted to be contacted by email or phone. The TA team set up a workflow within its interviewing platform so that candidates who chose email automatically received an invite to self-schedule their phone interview within the platform. The team was hiring for more than 600 locations, and they pre-set interview availability at the beginning so candidates could choose the best time and date for them for an interview at a specific location. Reminders were automatically sent after 24 hours to candidates who hadn’t yet scheduled. The TA team achieved results like never before. 80,000 candidates self-scheduled their interview, 66% of those within 24 hours. The team interviewed 68% of the pool, reaching 15% deeper into the pool that in years past. Get all the details.

Keep high-volume hiring candidates in the loop.
Year after year Talent Board’s candidate research indicates more frequent communication is one of the top candidate wishes and also one of the top drivers of a great candidate experience. To improve high-volume hiring experiences for candidates, take the help available in an interviewing platform and automate some of your communication with candidates to keep them informed and engaged. You can send automated reminders for interviews, your hiring timeline and other essential information via email and text messages at scale.

Engage and interview more efficiently.
Many companies have replaced phone screens with on-demand interviews for faster, more effective screening, and here’s why: it’s a win for recruiters and for candidates. In the time it takes to phone screen a single candidate, you could review multiple candidates, rate and score their answers, and forward the highest-potential candidate responses to your hiring manager. In addition, on-demand interviews ensure every candidate is asked the exact same questions in the exact same way, which promotes consistency and fairness in your hiring process.
For candidates, the win is in their opportunity to present themselves as the best person for the job. Having that opportunity is vital to a good candidate experience, according to Talent Board research. Of candidates who completed a survey after their Modern Hire interview, 97% say they felt more able to represent themselves as the right candidate with video interviewing.

If you’re looking to improve high-volume hiring, on-demand interviews are the most effective way to engage candidates and interview a larger portion of your talent pool. Pharma leader Regeneron was able to increase its high-volume hiring for interns by more than 200% without expanding its recruiting team using on-demand interviews. According to Natalie Griffith, Senior Manager, University Relations at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, “Using Modern Hire’s [high-volume hiring platform] has enabled us to increase the number of candidates evaluated for our roles so that we’re making better hiring decisions for our early, experiential and entry talent programs. And it also gives us more opportunity to evaluate culture fit as well as technical skills earlier in our evaluation process.” Read the Regeneron case study.

High-volume hiring has become the norm as organizations grow globally, creating complex challenges for today’s recruiting teams. AI-enabled interviewing technology helps recruiters accelerate quality hires for one or one thousand open positions. Schedule your personal demonstration today to explore the solution to your high-volume hiring challenges.