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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

It’s been nearly 53 years since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his momentous “I Have a Dream Speech” to more than one quarter of a million supporters. Though we haven’t achieved an end to racism in this country, we have made progress on equality in the workplace. For many industry-leading organizations, the human capital management focus is on inclusivity, and attracting and nurturing creative, motivated candidates regardless of background. “Right-fit” has come to be about sharing a passion for a vision and mission.

That passion is something effective recruiters have, and they’re very good at engaging candidates with that heartfelt enthusiasm and positive energy. If you’re a champion of your company , why not take the message in your heart to the minds of your candidates? You’ll build positive feelings and an emotional connection that may mean the difference between winning or losing the talented candidates your company needs.Here are three suggestions for getting started:

Spend More Time Talking Face-to-Face

Job postings and career websites may be a great way to share job details, but a face-to-face conversation really brings a position and your own zeal for your company alive for candidates. Time limitations mean you can’t dialog with every candidate, but you can spend more time talking with more candidates by using video interviewing technology. Self-scheduling and on-demand video interviewing in a purpose-built digital interviewing solution are designed to streamline screening, so recruiters’ time is freed up for meaningful candidate interaction. Use the time for live video interviews, and talk with candidates about your company. Help them see how their own dreams could dovetail with your organization’s plan for the future. In on-demand video interviewing, you can even incorporate videos of yourself or a hiring manager talking about why you love your work. If you truly believe in your organization, that authentic message will come through in your conversation and videos. It’s sure to make an impact on your candidates.

Hone Your Storytelling Skills

Feeling awkward about showing more emotion at work? Don’t worry – sharing that passion with other people doesn’t come naturally to everyone. If you are determined to do it, first work on honing your storytelling skills. Think about some instances when you’ve felt enthused or motivated or happy about a win at work, then practice speaking about these instances out loud to yourself. After you go through it a few times, you’ll naturally start to use the same phrases and order of events, and it will coalesce into a short story. Practice your narrative alone until you are more comfortable, then ask someone you trust to listen and offer feedback. Try working your story into a conversation with a candidate and see how it goes. Even if you stumble a bit the first few times, candidates will appreciate the insights you are giving them into everyday life at the organization. It’s the kind of insight job seekers crave, and it will pique the interest of right-fit candidates.

Set a Good Example

Enthusiasm is contagious! Imagine the amazing hiring experience candidates would have if every person they met during the hiring process shared their passion about your company too. People are adept at recognizing a good thing and knowing when they want in, and that’s exactly the feeling you’re trying to create. Let your colleagues see you’re not afraid to express your love of your job, and it may encourage them to do the same. The message doesn’t have to be preachy or over the top or an embellishment. If it comes from the heart, it will feel authentic to the talent you’re trying to impress.

“Whatever your life’s work is, do it well.”

So many of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s remarks have currency today, including this classic: “Whatever your life’s work is, do it well.” If you’re passionate and spirited about your job, whether it’s in talent acquisition or any another profession, performance and satisfaction will surely follow.