HCI Webinar Learning: The Strategic Value of Video Interviewing

If I had to pick just one theme from yesterday’s HCI webinar on video interviewing by Kyle Lagunas, principal analyst at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, it would be this: Don’t get left behind. Video interviewing solutions continue to evolve as early-adopter companies find new uses for the technology. The strategic value of video interviewing continues to grow while the operational benefits maintain. As a result, there is a widening gap: Companies that have integrated video interviewing technology into their hiring process have an increasing advantage over those who have not. If you’re in the exploratory stages with video interviewing, there may be more urgency around this technology than you’ve realized.

The Numbers on Video Interviewing Adoption

Kyle shared a lot of great data in yesterday’s webinar from his white paper, The Evolving Value Proposition of Purpose-Built Video Interviewing. Many of these statistics point to increased adoption of video interviewing in the near future:

  • The number of organizations likely to buy a purpose-built video interviewing solution has increased by 30% over the last two years.
  • 62% of organizations say video interviewing will increase at their company in the next year.
  • 52% believe video interviewing will become a best practice among leading companies in five years.

It looks like the “have-not” organizations will soon be in the minority. As Kyle points out in the white paper, “Those ahead of the adoption curve in purpose-built video interviewing are setting the standard for success in modern talent acquisition.”

Candidate Experience and Integrated Employer Brand – Key Drivers in Adoption

When considering the importance of branding and the candidate experience, talent leaders with 1,000 or more employees are in agreement:

  • 78% of talent leaders surveyed say employer brand is increasingly important to attracting talent
  • 80% agree that a great candidate experience is critical to acquiring the best talent

However, as Kyle pointed out, operationalizing a strong employer brand message and a positive candidate experience across an organization is a challenge. Video interviewing solutions designed specifically for hiring can help employers solve this challenge, and that’s one of the key drivers in the adoption wave. As the technology evolves, providers continue to elevate the candidate’s experience with the solution.

For example, with Modern Hire, candidates can self-schedule their video or voice interview time slots directly from a link or launch into the event right from a text prompt. They enter the experience via a virtual foyer that can feature welcome videos from company leadership and resources for best practices in video interviewing. They can video interview via smartphone, tablet or PC, with access to 24/7 tech support if needed. Modern Hire’s voice and video interviewing platform is thoroughly branded, so from the candidates’ perspective, their video interview is simply a continuation of the employer’s hiring process. Employers without the benefits of video interviewing technology can’t offer the same high-tech, high-touch candidate experience.

Changing Candidate Interaction and Expectations

Video interviewing technology is changing the way TA teams interact with candidates. Operationally, candidates will experience a faster hiring process that’s also made more convenient with mobile. Perhaps even more importantly, video interviewing offers candidates a richer way to connect and engage with a potential new employer. Candidates’ decisions to pursue and accept a new position can be based on a deeper look at the culture, employment experience, and even their new manager and peers. Who wouldn’t want access to all of this information when making such a critical decision?

As video interviewing grows into a best practice in talent acquisition, candidates will come to expect this kind of experience in the hiring process. Only companies with the technology on board will be able to meet these new expectations.