Handling the Unpredictability of Healthcare Hiring Today

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Despite the best efforts at forecasting, when you’re a healthcare recruiter, you’re dealing with the volatile workforce needs of your hospital or organization. You may be tasked with hiring 200 nurses within a few weeks, or expanding your call center staff by 300 with little to no lead time. And, while these high-volume projects come with their own set of challenges, they are made even more so when they are not expected. Many of our clients are in the healthcare industry, and they’ve found a purpose-built video and voice interviewing platform can help them rise to the challenge of unpredictable high-volume hiring.

5 Ways Video Interviewing Helps Recruiters Make It Work

When you’re working to fill more than just a handful of positions, talent acquisition quickly becomes about project management efficiency in addition to recruiting. You can’t let your branded candidate experience fall to the wayside simply because you have hundreds of candidates to screen and interview. Video interviewing that’s designed specifically for hiring can help you balance all of these priorities so you can get the job done. Here are five ways video interviewing helps you make it work:

  1. Ramp Up Quickly: On-demand interviewing caters to urgent, high-volume hiring, allowing recruiters to start up quickly and maximize the resources they have at hand. Recruiters can socialize job openings and invite candidates to apply by completing an on-demand video or voice interview. It’s not unusual for recruiters to have candidate interviews ready for review even within just 24 hours. Recruiters, be ready to ramp up quickly for high volume hiring with video interviewing technology.
  2. Spend More Time with the Top Candidates: By automating much of the initial screening with on-demand video interviewing, recruiters free up their time to concentrate on building rapport with the candidates most likely to receive a job offer. They also can identify those with the most potential more quickly in the process.
  3. Maintain a Positive Candidate Experience: Shelley Tudor in talent acquisition at Humana, a Modern Hire client, uses video interviewing to develop candidate engagement. She notes “You have to think about [technology] as means not by which to just filter people out, but also to share information back with them to set the stage for what the role is and what they can expect in terms of the next step of the process.” Even if hundreds of candidates apply, every one of them can have this positive experience, not just those who move on in the process.
  4. Provide a Fair and Equitable Process: Video interviewing helps ensure each candidate is asked the same questions the same way. According to Ashley Harris in talent acquisition at HCA, another Modern Hire client, “It has really helped with the candidate experience in that each candidate receives the same set of questions. What I want each one of my candidates to say is that they have had a very, very equitable recruiting experience.”
  5. Build a Pipeline: On-demand voice and video interviews capture and record candidates’ information and responses, and that knowledge is never lost. Recruiters can return to on-demand interviews at any time to review non-hired candidates’ responses for fit with positions that open in the future.

All of the factors that make healthcare hiring unpredictable – changing member enrollment, new legislation, market competition and more, may never cease to exist. However, recruiters are managing the variability and improving their hiring process at the same time with video interviewing technology.

To hear more from these healthcare TA professionals or learn more about ways to handle the peaks and valleys of hiring in your organization, view our webinar, High Volume Hiring: 3 Clients Share Tips. Or, contact us for a live demonstration today.


As an Enterprise Account Executive, Martine Schumacher oversees clients’ ongoing ROI in Modern Hire’s purpose-built video interviewing platform. Working exclusively with large enterprise clients in healthcare, she stays current on talent acquisition trends in the industry. Martine holds a PHR certification and a BBA in human resource management. With this background and more than a decade of recruiting experience, she offers a unique perspective on hiring.