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Hallmarks of State-of-the-Art Candidate Experience Technology

As we noted in our 2023 Hiring Trends report, Modern Hire sees  “flight to quality” as an overarching driver in hiring this year. In the face of continuing economic uncertainty and the disappointing effects of “warm body” hiring, your priorities are likely focused on quality of hire, quality of practice, and quality of technology. These elements feed first-rate hiring experiences for candidates – as long as you can identify and implement the technologies that will truly engage your candidates.

Candidate experience is a key factor in selecting HR tech

According to Aptitude Research, more than 60% of companies are using more HR tech solutions today than before COVID, yet only 11% of companies are satisfied with this technology. Clearly there’s interest in leveraging technology to enhance hiring quality. Many talent acquisition applications seemingly fall short of the expectations of both hiring teams and candidates.

60% of companies are using more HR tech solutions today than before COVID, yet only 11% of companies are satisfied with this technology.

Source: Aptitude Research, The Evolution of Talent Acquisition Technology: AI’s Lasting Impact, 2022

What are the hallmarks of hiring tech that delivers results for recruiters, while delivering on the candidate experience, too? There are four that stand out:

Transparency. As the use of artificial intelligence (AI) expands to more of the hiring process, candidates want to know when and how they are being evaluated by AI. They may have concerns about the use of controversial AI such as facial recognition technology, which has been shown to be biased. Transparency about the type of AI you use and how you use it, and providing the opportunity for candidates to opt out if they wish can increase their comfort level with your hiring process. Learn more about this in our blog, Avoiding the Shortcuts: Best Practices with AI in Hiring FAQ.

Flexibility. Digitalization has made flexibility an expectation in every type of interaction, including hiring. Create that flexibility for candidates by choosing hiring tech that enables them to engage whenever and however they’d like, on their preferred device. Look also for simple, seamless scheduling that allows candidates to select and change their interview times, and to drop out of the process without a lot of work if they choose. Flexibility also means technology that can provide reasonable accommodations for candidates that request it to avoid screening out disabled candidates.

Fairness. You can increase fairness in your process and help candidates understand your commitment to equitable hiring by selecting an intelligent hiring platform that reduces bias in multiple ways. Modern Hire reduces bias in hiring with science-based Virtual Job Tryout® pre-hire assessments, and Automated Interview Scoring, assistive AI that is proven to be 71% less biased than human raters in scoring candidates’ interview responses. These technologies not only help you identify fit faster – they give candidates meaningful opportunities to demonstrate their fit for the job and their interest, which creates an engaging, personal hiring experience. 

Feedback. Year after year Talent Board’s candidate experience research indicates that candidates want to receive and provide timely feedback. Automated feedback tools, and workflow automation that allows you to connect top candidates with hiring managers sooner, are key HR technologies that will help differentiate your candidate experience.

Asking for timely feedback and providing timely feedback more often are key differentiators for companies rated highest on their hiring experience by candidates.

Source: Talent Board 2022 North American Candidate Experience Benchmark Research

Invest for better hiring outcomes

Seven in ten companies plan to continue to invest the same amount or increase their investment in hiring technology, even in the case of an economic downturn, according to Aptitude Research. If you’re part of that 70%, make sure you select hiring technologies that will help you deliver on the candidate experience as well as better hiring outcomes.

To learn more about the flight to quality in hiring, download our 2023 Hiring Trends report.