Graduating towards Video Interviewing

We all know the benefits of Video Interviewing (time, cost savings, candidate selection, transparency, volume recruitment, etc.), particularly for graduate recruitment; that’s a given! Today we’d like to introduce you to some innovative video interviewing use throughout the students’ journey – how and where they are encountering Video Interviewing – not just in finding their first job after graduation.

A student’s journey through Video Interviewing

When we think of students and think of Video Interviewing, we automatically think of its use within candidate selection for those coveted graduate program places. However, over the years, we’ve seen many of our clients thinking out of the box and finding innovative ways to introduce video interviewing to students long before graduation, specifically:

  1. Student Admissions – colleges are overcoming time and geographic limitations by innovating their admissions process with video Interviewing to recruit and select students. Check out how Queen’s University Belfast and the RCSI are using video Interviewing to select students while the Royal College of Art RCA and the George J. Mitchell Scholarship use it to choose the recipients of their prestigious scholarships.
  2. Careers Services – how universities such as the University of Liverpool use video interviewing to prepare students for success in the competitive world of post-graduation job searching while Brunel has coined the phrase ‘the Alfie Effect’ after the outcome Brunel-Enterprise Fast Track Scheme.
  3. The Milk Round – let us not forget how Video Interviewing is being used to select the best candidates for graduate programs worldwide. Check out these case studies with MorrisonsTiger BrandsAsdaThames Waternucleargraduates, and UK Power Networks.

This article was created by Sonru Video Interviewing and includes contributions and research gathered from Sonru clients and candidates between 2011 to 2020.