Graduate Experience of Video Interviewing

While millennials are blamed for the demise of everything from the property market to paper napkins, one thing they have embraced in their droves is Video Interviewing. Sonru’s latest white paper – The Graduate Experience of Video Interviewing – highlights just how widespread the screening method is with today’s discerning graduates.

These research findings are derived from data of over 210,000 interviews from almost 4,000 graduate recruitment campaigns. We have also analyzed over 13,000 survey responses from Graduate Candidates who have completed a Video Interview. Another exciting aspect of this white paper is comparing graduate findings with our overall candidate findings. 

What You Can Learn From The White Paper 

  • Who The Candidates Are
  • Previous Experience of Video Interviewing
  • Pre and Post Interview Behaviour and Attitudes
  • Feelings towards the Hiring Company
  • Candidate Satisfaction Levels
  • Interview Completion Specifics

“Using Video Interviewing for graduate recruitment is a no-brainer when you’re faced with thousands of applicants – all high performers with excellent degrees. It’s the most effective means of truly assessing a graduate’s uniqueness and passion for your program.” 

Edward Hendrick – CEO – Sonru

A Solution for Recruiters and Candidates

Video Interviewing has always been a popular choice for Graduate Recruiters as the most effective way to screen a large volume of candidates, and this white paper highlight proves that the candidates themselves can also see the benefits.

With over half of graduates already aware of Video Interviewing, and 95% willing to complete a Video Interview again, it’s safe to say that Video Interviewing is here to stay in the graduate world!

This article was created by Sonru Video Interviewing and includes contributions and research gathered from Sonru clients and candidates between 2011 to 2020.