Getting Real: The Age of the Candidate

   |    2 minutes read

Oct 17, 2017

HR Tech assembled over 400 technology providers under one roof last week in Las Vegas. Each provider trying to stand out and create their unique take in the market. Perhaps even more remarkable though, was the breadth of unification under a single theme: The Age of the Candidate. We’ve all been talking about this shift from company to candidate for several years now. Technology providers need to find the balance between offering an engaging candidate experience and driving efficiency in the hiring process.

In our eighth year at HR Tech, visitors to the Modern Hire booth engaged with a 6-foot-tall iPhone to experience an on-demand text interview powered by our latest chat bot. The application is designed to drive faster candidate engagement and speed to hire by making it simple for candidates to respond immediately to an invitation to interview.

The Consumerization of Talent Acquisition

This theme is certainly tied to the shift in the candidate-employer relationship. Creating a candidate experience that more closely resembles the consumer experience is another emerging trend that’s become widespread reality in 2017. Today’s modern candidate wants to look for a job the way they shop for products. Consumer facing brands are paying special attention to the candidate experience because a poor experience can have a direct impact on brand engagement.

Focus on Efficiency at the System Level

While most platforms strive to deliver efficiencies and automated workflows, HR and TA leaders also need candidate-centric solutions to integrate with ATS systems. All the operational aspects of HR technologies must work well with each other and with the company’s system of record, usually the ATS. As the scope and quality of HR tech improves, recruiters can shift their time and energy to more strategic tasks.

Prevalence of Artificial Intelligence in HR Tech

AI is this year what big data was about three years ago. The buzz on the expo floor and in between sessions was all about, “How are you leveraging AI”.Iit’s always an interesting discussion because AI means different things to different people. At Modern Hire, our pragmatic approach to innovation applies the latest in technology, data and science, in anticipation of market demand. Our on-demand text solution uses natural language processing and machine learning to drive better engagement, and empower efficiency.

New Confidence in Candidate Engagement Prior to Application

Organizations’ willingness and interest to engage with candidates prior to the ‘invite to apply’ is on the rise. With the elevated functionality of HR tech this year, companies are realizing it is more feasible than ever before to begin real engagement with candidates before they become part of a system of record. The advantages to earlier engagement are clear, of course. The back-end efficiencies are helping to make it possible, and large enterprise organizations are tapping into candidate-facing platforms that work from a consumer perspective.

HR Tech 2017 marks the point at which most companies recognize their priorities must be fostering a community where people want to apply, and demonstrating through a friendly, responsive hiring process that they truly value today’s candidates.