How to Get Ahead During This Year’s Summer Slowdown

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Modern Hire

A time to honor fallen heroes, Memorial Day also signals the start of summer, and with it, vacation season. Q3 is often a slower time at work, with fewer big initiatives and in some organizations, a more relaxed work environment. This year, you can put the summer slowdown to work for you by focusing on what your team should be doing to meet objectives for talent acquisition. With typical recruiting workloads and deadlines in summer, it’s both unrealistic and overwhelming to refine every aspect of hiring. The key is to focus on the one or two areas that will put you and your team on the path to being more efficient and more strategic by the start of Q4.

Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

  • Clean up workflows. Assess your hiring process to see what steps could be eliminated or done more efficiently. If you’ve had changes in hiring managers or TA team members, workflows could be an area ripe for change. Meet resistance to new ways of working by piloting a new process and agreeing up front on how success will be measured. Help people see the opportunity by framing it according to personal value they are likely to derive from the change. You can also look to technologies like video and voice interviewing, and mobile recruiting apps, to streamline your hiring process.
  • Prioritize hiring needs. Perhaps your team is facing a bit of a backlog from Q2. Or, you could be ramping up for hiring needs projected for the fall. In either case, take time to prioritize hiring needs so your team is clear on where to concentrate their efforts. Align your prioritization with business objectives and use that logic to set expectations with hiring managers, especially those who are the squeakiest wheels. Prioritizing hiring needs may also spark ideas for re-tasking members of your recruiting team.
  • Refresh your employer brand. If your employer brand is strong, perhaps all that’s needed is a simple refresh to attract best-fit talent. Start a refresh by thinking about what’s changed. Has your company tweaked its vision statement? Has your positioning in your marketplace changed? Are you trying to attract a different demographic of candidate? Maybe you’ve brought new technology onboard or adjusted processes which present new opportunities for communicating that brand. Or, your focus could be on training your brand ambassadors – your team and your hiring managers, to ensure they’re accurate and consistent in delivering your employer brand message. Small changes to your employer brand could translate into a higher quality of candidate coming into your pipeline.
  • Update your social presence. This task often goes hand in hand with a refresh of your employer brand. Update corporate profiles and ask your key public-facing employees to do the same for their individual profiles. Update your social media plan, too. If you’re stuck for ideas, set aside an hour for your team to do some research – perhaps even secret shop competitors on social media, then have a team brainstorming session.
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