Avoid These Mistakes with Gen Z College Recruiting

They weren’t born yet when Atari made its last game console. They’re 61 million strong, and they text faster than you talk. it’s Gen Z of course – the Class of 2019 college graduates. If you’re planning on hiring them, you’ll need to tailor your campus recruiting strategies for their world.

Don’t let these simple mistakes sabotage your Gen Z college recruiting performance this year:

Forgetting face-to-face communication.

While a digital hiring process is table stakes with this crowd, they’re also very interested in talking with you in person. Nearly three-quarters of Gen Zers would rather connect with colleagues face-to-face than via text and email, and they know that you value personal connection too. To make more time for that face-to-face, use your interviewing platform’s automated scheduling and workflow streamlining capabilities to get organizational tasks done more efficiently. Look for points in your process where you can work in more face-to-face engagement, both in person and via live video interviews.

Using words when videos can get the job done.

Take one look at the social media channels Gen Z prefers – YouTube and Instagram – and you’ll understand why your usual LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter posts aren’t reaching as many younger candidates. Try posting short, relevant videos about your company and open roles on YouTube and Instagram. Look for opportunities to integrate more videos on your careers site, in your on-demand interviews and in campus recruitment marketing programs.

Emphasizing the wrong things in your employer branding.

While the core of your employer brand messaging should stay consistent and true to your organization, you can also direct more attention to aspects of your employment experience that are of interest to Gen Z. Job stability is a big one for young candidates. So are professional development and upward mobility. Their preferences in the workplace diverge from Millennials in many ways, so the messaging that works for the twenty-five and thirty-somethings won’t resonate as well with your campus talent pool.

Not demonstrating how tech-forward you are.

91% of Gen Z surveyed said technology would influence their job choice among similar employment offers. More than any other generation, this talent pool wants to see where your organization stands in its digital transformation, and the kinds of advanced technologies they’ll have at their fingertips on the job. Engaging them with text interviewing, automated scheduling and your AI-enabled virtual recruiting assistant is a great strategy for making a tech-forward first impression on campus. Follow that up by integrating videos in your hiring process that give students insight into your technology and work environment. Add videos of your employees talking about their roles and the technology they use. In live conversations and your employer brand messaging, be sure your organization’s digital nature comes through.

Missing opportunities to personalize Gen Z college recruiting.

In your interactions with candidates one-on-one, the more individualized you can get, the better. That’s true with all candidates, but this is a group highly accustomed to new levels of personalization made possible by today’s technology. And, there are some noteworthy differences within Gen Z already coming to light. For instance, though professional development ranks first in terms of what Gen Z wants at work, young women rank sense of community second while young men rank upward mobility second. In that same study, students with non-STEM majors were more concerned about company prestige, upward mobility and compensation than STEM students.

It’s a highly diverse, multifaceted talent pool. Look for every opportunity to show that you understand and appreciate what an individual candidate brings to the table.

Create the Ideal Gen Z College Recruiting Candidate Experience

Finding the right balance between fast, simple automated hiring interactions and personal engagement with Gen Z college recruiting candidates is going to be your biggest challenge on campus. Interviewing platforms that integrate automated scheduling, text recruiting, AI-enabled recruiting assistants, assessments, and live and on-demand interviews can help you deliver a modern, branded campus recruiting experience that’s seamless for candidates as they advance in your process.

It’s also positive for students who don’t. This may be their first experience with that adulthood milestone of getting a full-time job, and they’re likely to share it with friends on campuses across the nation.

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