Bank Rakyat: Shaping Future Leaders in Malaysia

With Video Interviewing shaping the world of recruitment across the globe, we love to hear how clients use the technology within their recruitment process and hear how much they enjoy doing so.

You may remember when Sonru client Bank Rakyat paved the way for innovation at the GRADUAN ASPIRE Career & Postgraduate Fair in Kuala Lumpur last year. Joined by Sonru’s James Flanagan, the organization offered attendees the opportunity to complete their Sonru Video Interview for Bank Rakyat then and there. 

Following on from this, Bank Rakyat is continuing to broaden their innovative horizon with Sonru, this time including it as part of their selection process for The Islamic Banker Management Trainee Program. The program is designed to provide graduates with a strategic platform to jump-start their career in the Islamic Banking industry in an increasingly VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world.

Speaking about the launch of the program and using Sonru as part of their digital selection process, Farid Basir (Chief Human Capital Officer at Bank Rakyat) says: 

“Bank Rakyat has launched The Islamic Banker Management Trainee Program; a two-year program to Develop Future Leaders in Islamic Banking.

As we operate in an increasingly VUCA world, it has become clear that to hire the new-age talents, the traditional way of hiring is no longer relevant. The process’s guiding principles are a differentiated attraction, best in class pioneering selection, and flawless execution. 

As such, we have pioneered a new Digital Selection Process intended to provide a superior candidate experience, enhanced accessibility, and engaging touch points approach. 

Sonru is part of our digital selection process that is candidate-centric, allowing them to choose their interviews anytime, anywhere.”

More information on The Islamic Banker Management Trainee program can be found here