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Freight Handlers


The client was a multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of discount department stores and grocery stores. The client employs over a million associates in the United States alone.


The client hires approximately 2,000 freight handlers per month and was looking for a way to reduce early turnover and retain the best-qualified associates for the position.


Modern Hire built the client a custom Virtual Job Tryout that engaged candidates in freight loading, math, order filling, situational judgment, work history, and work style exercises.


Freight handlers that scored highest on the Virtual Job Tryout were more likely to stay in the role past 180 days. For the client, avoiding candidates who scored lowest on the assessment prevented nearly 1,000 replacement hires every 12 months, for a cost savings of almost $5.5M per year.

Additionally, freight handlers who performed well on the Virtual Job Tryout were two times more likely to be identified as effective overall in the position and were rated as having a 17% increase in productivity.

Candidate reactions to the Virtual Job Tryout were overwhelmingly positive with 99% of candidates agreeing it gave them a better understanding of the role and that they would “gladly tell friends about employment opportunities with” the client.

  • $5.5M saved through retention
  • 2x more likely to be identified as effective overall in the position
  • Showed a 17% increase in productivity