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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

Find the Right Tech Partner By Asking These 7 Questions

Due diligence is essential anytime you select a tech vendor. But when you’re about to trust your hiring and candidate experience to a tech partner, it’s doubly important. After all, the technology you use to hire says a lot about your company to potential employees. The right tech partner will help you hire better and reduce the risk of moving to digital tools. There are thousands of tech companies out there. Use these questions to filter the field and vet your contenders:

Does the tech partner value your candidate’s experience like it’s their own?

Not every vendor designs its product from the candidate’s perspective. If candidate experience is your top priority this year like it is for many other TA leaders, look for a company that shares your view. Ask how your hiring process will become more candidate-centric with the platform and how they will partner with you to create a distinctive hiring experience that elevates your employer brand. Try it yourself so you can see if the technology is simple and easy for your candidates and your team.

What support is available for your users and you after the contract is signed?

Is the vendor’s goal to seal the deal or develop a long-term relationship with you? Great tech partners are just that — partners. They listen when you speak about your needs and goals. They ask insightful questions to build a customized platform for your organization. And they are there for you after the ink dries on the contract with 24/7/365 live customer support. Exceptional user support reduces the risk to your candidate experience and encourages wider adoption throughout your organization. It also eliminates any burden for your recruiters, who might otherwise be seen as a help desk by hiring managers and candidates. Look for dedicated support for yourself, too. Your tech partner should be at your side, sharing knowledge, troubleshooting issues, and suggesting strategies for meeting your goals.

Do they have proven bottom-line results in your industry?

Choosing a tech partner experienced with your industry’s unique hiring challenges can reduce risk and speed up ROI. Their solution should be job-specific and built on decades of research, experience, and data they can provide for review. Has their product kept up with advances in predictive analytics, ethical AI, and selection science? Ask about documented results, and ask for references from organizations similar to yours. As you align your TA strategy with business KPIs, it becomes even more important that your tech partner be able to articulate the corresponding ROI.

Does the tech partner have a track record of market-driven innovation that will keep you ahead of the curve?

Look at the vendor’s product development pattern. Are product updates, new features, and functionality driven by your most demanding challenges or by the vendor’s quest to be first to market with trendy tech? Innovation should solve real-life problems. Look for a tech partner that uses advanced, ethical, analytical tools that help you hire better candidates faster in this competitive labor market.

Do they have in-house implementation support and experience with increasing adoption?

Moving to the use of digital tools for hiring can be a bumpy road. Look for tech partners who understand change management and will be there with in-house implementation support if the ride gets rough. This is essential if the platform gains initial acceptance and widespread adoption. A vendor who can provide this kind of support is interested in working with you long-term. Anything less, and you’ve lost money on your purchase.

Is their solution built with enterprise-strength security and compliance?

Find out if the vendor meets current global-level security and compliance requirements and responds promptly to changing regulations such as the GDPR. Look for a tech partner trusted by leading global enterprises and Fortune 100 companies.

Can this tech partner meet your needs today and tomorrow?

Ask how the tech vendor will handle your current needs and future growth. Do they have functionality now that you’ll need in the future? Can they scale quickly to keep pace with your objectives? If the answers are no, consider a vendor with a holistic approach to hiring. A holistic approach is sustainable long-term since it focuses squarely on hiring experiences and business performance. Holistic hiring is a modern view of talent acquisition that can help you overcome challenges in any hiring climate. A holistic approach to hiring balances all the important goals of your hiring process instead of reacting to and prioritizing one at the expense of another.

As you evaluate the answers to these questions, look for a tech partner in it for the long haul. Their technology and expertise in hiring should be based on science and decades of research and experience. They should already be serving clients in your industry and your size. Remember, the key to success as you transform your hiring to digital is a tech partner invested in your success.