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Driving a truck, bus, or other vehicle is a challenging job. Long hours and late nights can lead to inattentiveness, fatigue, and stress, which themselves can lead to severe or even fatal consequences. Finding the right candidates who can handle these conditions is vital to your organization’s success.  

In addition, global demand for commercial drivers is at an all-time high. As discussed in a recent roundtable hosted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, turnover rates of commercial truck drivers have recently run at 72% for smaller carriers and over 90% for larger long-haul carriers since the pandemic. In the U.S. alone, projections show the industry will need roughly 1.1 million new drivers over the next decade to keep pace with labor shortages, retirements, and growing freight transportation needs. Your hiring teams will be working with a high volume of candidates – an inefficient and manual process could cause your organization to miss the best talent.  

To help position your company for hiring success, Modern Hire’s latest Virtual Job Tryout is designed specifically for evaluating commercial driver candidates.   

This assessment allows you to evaluate driver candidates with ease, by providing insights into a candidate’s key skills and abilities critical to success. This includes reliability, situational judgment, adaptability, and ability to handle familiar challenges and situations like road rage, torrential rain, general safety precautions, and time management.  

Hiring teams will receive a Candidate Output Report giving them insight into a candidate’s ability to succeed at various facets of the role, as well as the likelihood of staying in the job, leading to an increased quality of hire and improved retention rates.   

The Virtual Job Tryout for Drivers includes the following:  

  • A Situational Judgment exercise that allows candidates to step into the role and respond to situations drivers are likely to encounter.   
  • A Check Your Dashboard exercise where candidates are asked to assess their vehicle’s dashboard and review operating guidelines before they can begin driving.   
  • A Check for Errors exercise that assesses a candidate’s ability to accurately verify data including dates, mileage, and plate numbers.  
  • A Work History exercise that evaluates a candidate’s past in areas such as motivation, experience, conformance to rules, past performance, reliability, and career stability   
  • A Work Style exercise that evaluates styles and personality traits related to driver success, including following directions, being monitored, focus capability, and adapting to change

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