Fill Seasonal Positions Faster with This Seasonal Hiring Workflow

June 21, 2018    |    1.5 minutes read

Modern Hire

What will be your biggest pain point with seasonal hiring this year? Losing candidates due to slow speed to hire? Low candidate engagement, or low compensation? You’re facing record-breaking unemployment lows going into the holiday hiring cycle, and candidate expectations for digital hiring and better wages have never been higher.

Here’s a seasonal hiring workflow that checks all the boxes: reduce your time to fill, improve collaboration and elevate your brand.

Meet Key Seasonal Hiring Goals with Proven Interviewing Technology

On-demand interviews and candidate self-scheduling within Modern Hire’s interviewing platform are proven to reduce time-to-fill and extend candidate reach, so you can hire better seasonal candidates, faster. With on-demand interviews, recruiters can interview more candidates, faster. Our on-demand technology is highly configurable, so you can customize your interview and your candidate’s experience, to the role. Use on-demand voice for call center roles or other positions where phone skills count. With on-demand video, you and your hiring managers can get a better sense of the candidate through their body language, and include your own videos which help candidates understand what working in your organization is like. Many recruiters are using on-demand text in a quick pre-qualifying step. Text one or 100 candidates a few simple questions about basic job qualifications, and find out quickly who has a driver’s license, can work third shift or is available on weekends. All of the on-demand options let candidates interview whenever they have time, right from their mobile device – how simple is that? And, you can forward the recorded video, voice or text interviews directly to your hiring managers’ inbox in seconds.

Automated scheduling helps you extend that simple, easy and convenient hiring experience for candidates when they’re moving on to a live interview. Identify your time slots, then invite candidates to select the time that works best for them via email or text. There’s no more phone tag, and candidates see that your organization is technology-forward.

Integrating video interviewing in your hiring workflow improves the process and the experience for all involved:

  • Candidates: Be considered for a job faster, and self-schedule interviews at a time that’s convenient
  • Recruiters: Identify candidates quickly with automatic scoring on pre-qualifying questions. Recruiters will also receive feedback from hiring managers quickly
  • Hiring Managers: Fill positions sooner