Video Interviewing Research: Engineering & Science Roles

This spotlight’s data derives from the findings from over 9,000 candidates from engineering and science roles who had completed an optional survey between January 2017 and May 2018. An analysis of over 130 client accounts across over 900 interview campaigns recorded an interview completion rate of 74% in 2017.

The Candidate Experience

  • 95% felt sufficiently informed as to what was required
  • 87% satisfaction with the candidate experience, 10% neutral
  • 94% would complete a video interview again

Video Interview Completion Specifics

  • 29% completed their video interview on a mobile device
  • 94% completed their video interview at home
  • 71% finished the video interview in their native language

Other Key Findings from Candidates interviewing for Engineering and Science roles

  • 13% of respondents had completed an automated video interview in the past
  • 78% had positive feelings toward the hiring company when they received the invitation, with a further 19% neutral
  • 90% confidence in how the technology worked
  • ‘Choosing the time / not having to take time off work’ and ‘Getting the Experience’ emerged as the key benefits

Candidate Feedback: Engineering and Science roles

“Very easy to follow, instantly intuitive.”

“It was the first time that I’d experienced a video interview and was a little daunting at first but soon realized how easy it was.”

“I think that using video interviews helps shows the employer that you are familiar with using technology and also lets them get to know you better.”

“I think it’s a cool way to be more relaxed in an interview that is not in my native tongue.”

Respondent Demographics: Engineering and Science roles

  • 72% of respondents were under 35 years of age
  • 87% Male and 13% Female

This research spotlight was first published in the Sonru Video Interviewing library, which published contributions and research from Sonru clients and candidates between 2010 and 2020.