“Engaging Talent” Endures as a Top Concern at HRO Today

Two talent acquisition events, in two cities, in two weeks, and one common problem. That was my conclusion as I traveled back recently from the Consero Forum in Newport Beach, CA. Though Consero’s event was for the benefit of talent acquisition leaders in enterprise organizations, and the 2017 HRO Today Forum was aimed at staffing and RPO management, I heard a universal theme: The persistent, acute challenge of finding and engaging talent, especially in revenue-generating positions such as sales, engineering, and nursing and allied health positions. To cope with this year-after-year issue, companies and staffing firms across sectors are exploring solutions, some of which are emerging as best practices.

Emerging Best Practices for Engaging Talent

Two of the trends talked up at the forums are the same strategies for engaging talent that we’re hearing in our meetings with Modern Hire clients and prospects:

  • Focusing more time and resources on engagement as part of the candidate experience. In discussions with TA leaders at the Chicago and Newport Beach events, I clearly heard about a shift toward engagement of candidates who are already known to the organization. These candidates may be captured in a company’s ATS database, or their talent communities, or somewhere in between. TA teams and staffing firms alike are focused on engaging these candidates more fully with a unique and individualized candidate experience.
  • Using employer branding to gain an edge in hiring. While employer branding certainly isn’t a new strategy, companies are taking their use of it to a new level. Social media is helping TA professionals become more sophisticated in reaching candidates with brand messaging. Companies are also finding new ways to brand every step of their recruitment process to make an impression on candidates, and to get them talking about the organization in a positive way online. The main goal remains this: Becoming more competitive in getting contingent employees to work with you if you’re a staffing firm. For enterprise organizations, it’s successfully hiring more ‘A’ candidates.
Purpose-Built Technology’s Contribution to the Solution

At Modern Hire, we work with hundreds of clients, including enterprise organizations and staffing and RPO firms, to make inroads on these same issues with voice and video interviewing technology.  While I can’t promise a solution to every TA challenge, what I can say with confidence is that these days, organizations are choosing to integrate purpose-built video interviewing as much for its strategic advantages as for its operational benefits. Strengthening an employer brand, elevating a candidate experience, engaging candidates at a deeper level – these are all real advantages gained by Modern Hire clients every day. We deliver by combining the most mature technology on the market with a partnership approach that helps our clients use that technology to their fullest benefit.