Want More Boomerang Employees’? Try Video Interviewing

   |    3 minutes read

Modern Hire

If you’ve ever desperately wished for the skills and experience of a former employee, take heart – that wish could eventually come true. New research indicates 70% of U.S. employees surveyed have either returned to work for a previous employer or are open to being a “boomerang” employee by making that kind of return. This type of move opens the door to attractive benefits for both employees and their former employers. However, getting on the boomerang bandwagon requires organizations to extend employee engagement through to the exit interview. Video interviewing can play a major role in cultivating employee engagement from first contact through exit interviews.

Driving a Positive Exit Experience

Years ago, an employee’s exit experience was often a handshake and maybe a few forms. When companies realized departing employees have important information to share, the exit process took on a new dimension. Now companies are re-thinking the transition again, adding an ‘alumni’ phase after employees depart and extending the employment life cycle. This shift means a new focus on maintaining engagement during the exit process, so both parties feel the bridge to potential future employment is still intact.

Organizations with a purpose-built video interviewing solution in-house are using the technology to drive a positive exit experience. With live and on-demand video interviews, companies ensure departing employees feel they are being listened to -and heard – while also gathering essential data. The convenience and mobile aspects of live video interviews mean managers can easily talk face-to-face with departing employees despite busy travel schedules or remote work arrangements. Managers can express their appreciation for hard work and a job well done and continue to strengthen the employee-employer relationship even as an individual transitions from employee to alumna. Company leaders can also pop into a live video interview if appropriate to do the same. The same warm messages of thanks and well wishes can be captured in videos for departing employees to view as part of an on-demand exit interview process. The bottom line is companies can use the same video interviewing platform for exit interviews as they do with job candidate interviews, with the same engagement-building results. Video interviews can help employees exit feeling positive about their former employer.

Expanding Engagement via Video Interviewing over the Employment Life Cycle

Companies with video interviewing quickly recognize their use of the software can be expanded beyond job candidates to enhance both employee and customer engagement. In addition to making best-fit new hires, Modern Hire clients also use the solution for:

  • Onboarding. New hires are asked to complete an on-demand video to introduce themselves. The video is shared within the company before the new hire’s first day, so everyone recognizes the new employee and can give them a warm welcome.
  • Internal hiring. When open positions become available, current employees are invited to complete an on-demand video interview describing their qualifications and interest in the job. On-demand is a simple way for HR teams to facilitate employees’ career growth and to optimize internal resources.
  • Employees have access to professional growth opportunities by connecting to a training session via Modern Hire’s live video interviewing application. With a panel interview configuration, employees can learn from both the trainer and other employees participating in the class.
  • Customer insight groups. Ferguson, a leading distributor of construction materials, has expanded use of Modern Hire’s solution to other areas within its business. With video interviewing, the company gathers customer insights and feedback it uses to improve business performance.

If you’d like to learn more about video’s far-reaching impact on engagement, enjoy our webinar presentation on this topic. Or, request a free demo of Modern Hire’s voice and video interviewing solution today.