Employee Experience Improves Your Hiring

Employee experience has moved up the priority list for organizations amplifying their workforce retention to deal more effectively with talent pressure. it’s a smart investment since reports have come out indicating there’s a link between a positive employee experience and increased productivity. Now, a study shows senior business leaders believe an improved employee experience leads to better talent acquisition too. Here are six ways the employee experience can enhance hiring in your organization.

#1. Better reputation – Employees who like where they work are more likely to share their positive feelings by word of mouth and in online reviews. This is exactly the kind of information job seekers are looking for when they’re deciding whether to apply with you. In the study above, senior execs recognized the link between a better employee experience and stronger brand perception in the market, too.

#2. Better interview experience – When candidate see employee videos and meet with hiring managers and potential colleagues, they can recognize the authenticity in the answers they’re getting about the employment experience. Authenticity has an influence on candidate perception and career decision-making.

#3. Better technology – Enterprise technology has a substantial impact on a positive employee experience. Employees depend on tech to remove friction from work, create access to information and people, and help them do their jobs faster and smarter. In their quest to develop a better employee experience, organizations may implement technology like an AI-enabled interviewing platform to promote access and collaboration, which is proven to accelerate quality hiring. Learn more about engaging, interviewing and hiring better candidates faster with advanced interviewing technology.

#4. Better onboarding – TA teams already understand the value of strong onboarding in the hiring lifecycle, but with the focus on employee experience, onboarding goes from a nice-to-have to a priority for resource investment. In companies that already onboard new hires, the program may transition from an administrative process to a more employee-centric experience. That’s good news for TA because onboarding will now align with what TA has already achieved – a candidate-centric hiring experience.

#5. More employee-driven innovation – it’s a true fact that feeling positive helps your brain work smarter and more creatively. Feeling good about being at work and the job being done can have a positive influence on employees’ problem-solving and innovation. That includes your TA team solving hiring challenges and making adjustments that improve their performance. To get those creative thoughts flowing within your team, read our blog on managing for innovation in recruiting.

#6. More employee referrals. Employees who appreciate and value their experience in your organization are likely to refer their friends and colleagues, and we know how strong of a candidate source that can be. Word of mouth is actually the top way people discover a new job.

According to Gartner, 75% of organizations are projected to make improvement of the employee experience a performance objective for HR and IT groups by 2022. Is your organization doing all it can for its employees? Do employees see their work as more than a paycheck? If not, learn how you can lead the way toward a more people-centric enterprise with interviewing practices that drive quality hires and employee engagement.