HireVue announces acquisition of Modern Hire

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Have I got news for you…Ed Hendrick

We have some exciting news. We are delighted to announce that Sonru is now part of the Modern Hire family.

Back in 2007 I founded Sonru to solve the pain points of the early stages of the recruitment process largely experienced by my friends and fellow graduates. YouTube consumption had exploded and everyone was keeping in touch with family overseas via Skype and I wanted to unleash the potential of online video.  Two years of intense R&D, many late nights and three pivots later, we launched our beta Online Video Selection product in 2009 –  an application that automated the first round interview. Initially, we presumed that saving time and money was our core benefit but it turns out that while they may have been the initial drivers for using Sonru, the actual benefit was how it enabled them to select the best candidates to bring forward for interview. We were no longer in the efficiency game, it was all about effectiveness.

Fast forward ten years and we have successfully managed the transition from indigenous Irish start-up to one of the world leaders in the Video Interviewing space. However, we were acutely aware that we were only solving one pain point of the recruitment process: preliminary screening. From the very beginning, Sonru’s ethos has always been user-centric. Every line of code in terms of the application’s development and enhancement has been in response to our clients’ feedback. Such is the depth of our relationships with our clients that we are constantly working together to making hiring better and smarter. To be able to solve problems for our clients at different stages of the recruitment process meant that we needed to go broader in terms of the solutions we provide. That’s precisely what we can do now with this partnership.  Modern Hire is truly an all-in-one hiring platform – interviewing technology, AI capabilities, predictive analytics and hiring assessments, all working together to enable organisations to continuously improve hiring results.

We chose to partner with Modern Hire because we share a common vision for creating candidate- and client-centric solutions to address the rapidly changing recruitment industry. While our shared emphasis on client success and our long-term partnerships remain our top priority, combining our expertise, commitment to service and industry knowledge, will kick start the next evolution in global enterprise hiring technology.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for being part of our journey so far and we look forward to their continued support as we enter this next chapter of our story. The most exciting thing for our clients is that this partnership opens up lots of new opportunities for them to enhance their recruitment process. We are looking forward to working with them on exploring these opportunities whenever they are ready.  This union will bring growth, growth and more growth and I am looking forward to our future together and the impact we are going to have on the entire talent industry.

Finally, I wouldn’t be making this announcement today without the drive and commitment of our team, who eat, sleep and breathe Sonru. The passion of the Sonru team has never ceased to amaze me and I look forward to seeing that passion redirected to our joint solution and our new future as Sonru – A Modern Hire Company.