Do You Pass the Digital Recruiter Test?

If some of your hiring process is online, does that make you a digital recruiter? The answer may surprise you, and here’s why: Being a digital recruiter is more about the candidate than it is about you. Though use of online recruiting technologies in your workflow is an essential qualification, it takes a modern mindset to be a great digital recruiter.

The Digital Recruiting Perspective

Digital recruiters focus on transforming their interaction with modern candidates. We know that as consumers, candidates choose to do business with companies that put them at the center of the buying experience. They want access anytime, anywhere, on any device. Digital recruiters focus on the candidate every step. They embrace technologies like video interviewing software to create a hiring experience that engages candidates on their terms.

Think Like Amazon

Today’s job search is a lot like job shopping. With the severe talent and skills shortages, candidates have choices in their next job opportunity like never before. Think about the high-touch, high-tech experience consumers get with Amazon – can you take a page from Amazon’s playbook for your own digital recruiting?

Some of the drivers of success are very similar:

A website and descriptions that provide all the key info

Your careers site is a first stop for modern candidates. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of candidates are researching you before they decide to apply. Does your site answer their questions about your employment experience? Do your job descriptions provide enough of the right details to help them imagine themselves in the role?

Simple, convenient interactions

Is your application clear, simple and fast to complete? If not, you may be turning away top talent. One study found that 60% of candidates abandon online applications because they are too lengthy or too complex. Another revealed that 10 minutes is the stop-and-drop point for nearly 50% of candidates.

Transparency all along the way

Think about status updates for your candidates not as another task, but as another opportunity for you to keep them engaged in your hiring process. Not understanding where they stand and not hearing back from companies in a timely manner are both highly frustrating to candidates. Exceed their expectations with frequent communication. Some video interviewing platforms have now integrated virtual assistants that can help you keep candidates informed and can answer candidates’ questions.

Opportunities to provide feedback

Modern candidates expect greater responsiveness – that’s a critical element in a candidate-centric experience. By building opportunities for their feedback into your hiring process, you’re more likely to satisfy candidates. And, you gain a unique source of intelligence about your own process and market perception of your employer brand.

Back-pocket technology

Enabling many of these drivers of success are hiring technologies which allow candidates to connect anytime and anywhere with recruiters and hiring managers via mobile device.

Transform Your Hiring with a Single Solution

Digital recruiters choose innovative technologies to support them in creating the simple, convenient hiring experience modern candidates expect. Purpose-built video interviewing helps you bring together many of the elements of a better candidate experience in a single, mobile-first platform: 

  • Candidates can quickly learn if they meet basic requirements and will move on with your process with an on-demand text interview
  • Candidates can engage in your hiring process immediately and with ease in an on-demand video or voice interview
  • Candidates can select their interview time in just a minute or two with automated scheduling and virtual assistants

And, a purpose-built solution integrates with your ATS to streamline your work.

Do you pass the test for being a digital recruiter? If you’re looking for more strategies to engage modern candidates with your hiring experience, check out Creating a Winning Candidate Experience with Video Interviewing today.